Dog Keeps Pooping In Crate

If your dog spends time in a crate on a regular basis, you want it to be someplace that is clean, safe, and comfortable. But some dogs don’t seem to agree with that philosophy. Frequent pooping in his crate might be a sign that something is wrong with your dog, and it’s definitely something that should be corrected if possible. Here are ten possible reasons why your dog might be pooping in his crate, along with solutions to consider.

Reasons why your dog may be defecating in his crate relate to behavioral issues, physical limitations, or medical reasons that can cause your dog to be unable to hold his bowels until he is let out of his crate. Often, conditions that cause diarrhea or a loss of bowel control can result in crate soiling.

PetsRadar’s advice on how to stop your dog from pooping in the crate

Well cover a few ways you can stop your dog from pooping (or peeing) in their crate, from picking the right size to sticking to a schedule to ruling out health issues. Dont fret, you can figure this out and you and your pup can live happy, healthy, and less smelly lives!

10 Ways to Stop a Dog Pooping in a Crate

Your dog might be pooping in a crate because they dont know any better.

Before crating a dog for an extended period of time, your pet needs to be housebroken and have the time theyre used to going to the bathroom.

You can still use crates while youre in the process of house training a dog, but for only short periods of time.

Injury or Physical Trauma

Physical trauma can also lead to incontinence. An accident can damage the muscles that control your dog’s sphincter, making it impossible for your dog to function properly. If this is the case, your dog will likely have frequent accidents both in and out of his crate and poop much more frequently than before the injury.

Cancer is no joke, and tumors can cause knots of tissue that interfere with your dog’s gastrointestinal tract. A tumor near the sphincter is the most common culprit when it comes to tumors, but other places around the gastrointestinal tract might cause problems as well. Regular vet checkups can help you catch tumors quickly before they interfere with your dog’s health in worse ways.


How do I get my dog to stop pooping in his crate?

  1. Consider a health check. …
  2. Listen to your puppy. …
  3. Be sure the pup has been properly introduced to the crate. …
  4. Keep track of time. …
  5. Set a schedule. …
  6. Limit space in the crate. …
  7. Remove the bedding. …
  8. If you do find an accident in the crate, don’t punish the puppy because he won’t understand what he did wrong.

Why is my dog pooping in his cage at night?

There are several reasons why your dog keeps pooping in his crate at night. This may include anxiety, poor food choices or feeding times, lack of proper exercise, inadequate potty training, etc.

Why is my dog pooping in his kennel all of a sudden?

Normally when a previously crate and house trained dog suddenly starts pooping in his crate, it means that something has changed. A dog can sense changes in the home – whether that change is people moving in or out, a new baby, the furniture being rearranged or even new paint on the walls.

What if your puppy poops in his crate?

While it’s easy to say that pooping in the crate is just normal puppy behavior, if it goes on too long it could eventually become “normal” adult dog behavior, too. That’s because your puppy is constantly learning new behavior and your job is to reinforce the good ones and discourage the bad ones.