Dog Licked Cocoa Butter Lotion

If they consume a small amount, they are unlikely to experience any symptoms at all. If they consume a lot of cocoa butter, you and your pooch may be in for a rough ride. The high fat content can cause stomach upset. The most common symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea.

“This is me saying its happened to me and please be careful. Its about raising awareness. If this can save it happening to others, thats brilliant.

“I started giving her a bit of fuss and gently giving a massage around her face. She was loving it – she was happy.

“She was having a seizure on the floor, her face was swollen, her cheeks were bright red. Her skin had gone a neon red – like really bright pink. She was glowing, almost.”

The terrified pair rushed their Kangal Shepherd to the emergency vets as her condition rapidly deteriorated, with her skin turning a “glowing neon red” and shaking “ferociously”.

“Since that happened Ive been checking all my creams. Ive come across a brand thats got palm oil in – we all know how dangerous that is to dogs,” she said.


Is cocoa butter lotion toxic to dogs?

Cocoa butter is the fat extracted from the cocoa plant, and although it is found in a variety of sweet treats, it’s not “chocolate.” The extract contains minimal to no levels of the toxic-to-dog chemical theobromine, meaning it is safe to use, specifically in balms and other topical treatments.

What happens if dogs lick cocoa butter?

The cocoa butter cream contains the compound theobromine, which is dangerous for dogs. Theobromine is the same compound that’s found in chocolate which is known to be fatal to the animals when consumed.

Is Palmer’s cocoa butter OK for dogs?

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter All Over Relief Balm for Dogs with Vitamin E brings dogs high quality skin and pad relief. This fragrance-free all over skin soother balm for dogs is great for dogs with dry skin. The Palmer’s dog balm is also suitable to use on dog pads.