Dog Licked Roach Gel

Taking care of your dog and keeping track of its whereabouts is a difficult but necessary task. As dog parents, no matter how hard we try, we’d always end up in some sort of crisis. We try day and night to keep track of their activities, yet we find our dogs landing themselves into one or a few trouble. The intensity of these troubles may vary, but we need to ensure that over time, it minimizes.

I came across one such dog parent whose dog had accidentally eaten Combat Roach Bait. The situation became dire, and called for professional help. The details of this incident are unimportant, however, there are a few learnings that will come in handy if, God forbid, your dog goes through a similar situation.

The Combat Roach Bait is one of the most potent poisons used to get rid of the cockroaches in your house. The Combat Roach Bait is poisonous for cockroaches, and if your dog accidentally consumes it; they can become seriously ill. Not only is it toxic, but it can also prove to be potentially fatal to your dog. Once ingested, it can have severe health implications for your loved pet. The combat roach bait is so poisonous that it can make your dog sick even if they inhale it without eating anything. Also, if your pet dog accidentally eats a cockroach that has been poisoned with the combat roach bait, it will poison your dog in the process. Combat Roach Bait can make your pet dog vomit, suffer from diarrhea. And they can also suffer from severe ailments, like violent episodes of seizures.

What Should I Do If My Dog Ate Combat Roach Gel Or Bait? Since Combat roach bait has such low toxicity for dogs, there is not much at all you need to do if that is all it ate. Any potential inducement of vomit only needs to be performed if large amounts of over 0.45 ounces of bait per pound of body weight is eaten.

Is roach gel harmful to pets?

Roach gel is lethal for cockroaches and various bugs, including beetles, spiders, fleas, and ants. Thanks to a variety of neurotoxins it contains, it can effectively kill tiny organisms.

Almost all roach gels, including Harris, Advion, and Combat Max, have mentioned on their packing that roach gel is harmful to pets. Therefore, you must apply it in places difficult to reach for pets, including dogs and cats.

In most cases, if a pet consumes a roach gel, it will not harm, but still, there are a lot of risks. Roach gel can elicit several responses in pets, including lethargy, fits, ataxia, shortness of breath, allergic reaction, coma, and even death.

Long story short, roach gel is definitely harmful to pets.

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What Could Happen To My Dog If He Eats Combat Roach Bait?

As we’ve stated, the likelihood of your dog being poisoned by eating a bit of combat bait is very low.

If your dog eats the combat bait he will display symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, sudden vomiting and mild stomach irritation as these are the most common side effects.

One single combat bait is not enough to do damage to a dog of 10 pounds. The manufacturers of combat bait have given this assurance.

You will find this information on the packaging. A dog of 10 pounds will have to eat 50 trays of combat bait before they start experiencing serious effects.

But the amount in one tray is more than enough to get rid of a cockroach. This is good news for your dog, but it is still important that you try to prevent this from happening.

Sometimes your dog can be immune-compromised or have certain conditions that would make him susceptible to the poison.

Additionally, the poisons are not easily absorbed in a dog’s digestive tract. So approximately 95% of it will be excreted without harming them.

You can also look out for your dog being lethargic or urinating more than normal. Some dogs have seizures or trouble breathing.

Bring the Container Too

If you find your dog showing any symptoms of potential poisoning by Combat Roach Bait; you should carry the container, or the box of the bait while visiting your vet along with your dog.

Many times, these packets contain relevant and important information, which can come in handy for your vet, especially when time is short. This can allow your vet to eliminate the possibilities, apart from enabling them to better understand the potency of the poison that your dog has consumed.


What happens if my dog eats roach gel?

As strange as it may sound, cats and dogs love to eat ant and cockroach baits. These baits usually contain peanut butter and/or sugar to attract insects, but this means they are tasty for pets as well. Luckily there is such a small amount of bait in these products, that stomach upset is typically the only problem seen.

Is roach poison harmful to dogs?

It would take a lot of roach poison to really cause harm to a dog. The bigger problem is the container. If your dog ate the roach hotel as well then there is a danger of a foreign body obstruction of the intestine.

What if my dog eats roach bait?

“If you’re concerned that your pet may have ingested a small amount of roach bait, Combat can help. In the event that a household pet ingested roach bait, please contact the Combat Information Helpline at 1-800-426-6228 or contact your personal veterinarian.”

Is Combat roach gel safe for pets?

Combat® stations, strips and gels are user-friendly, quick and an effective way to make sure that you eliminate cockroaches from your household. As with any insecticide product ensuring they are placed out of reach of pets is a must so products don’t become a danger to your pets.