Dog Look Like A Mop

The dog world offers breeds in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some look like teddy bears, others are as big as small horses. But when it comes to highlighting some of the most unique-looking breeds in existence, dogs that look like mops are a great place to start.

Yes, there is more than one breed of dog that looks remarkably similar to a household mop. In fact, there are seven!

These lovable mop dogs sure look like they’ll keep your kitchen floor clean!

Dog Look Like A Mop

If you own a dog that you think looks like a mop and you want to know which other breeds look like mops – or you’re just a general dog lover – then you’ll appreciate this list!

The Bergamasco comes from the Italian Alps. Their name actually comes from a province in Northern Italy.

Yorkshire terriers are good city dogs because they don’t need much space or a huge yard. Walks in the local park are adequate for their energy levels.

The Lhasa Apso is easily mistaken for the Havanese, as they have a similar, straight-haired long mop look.

They are also very acrobatic dogs, as they are able to jump on the backs of sheep!

Can Mop Dogs See through their Hair?

Are you able to see through your thick bangs? No? Then how can your dog? When you uncover your dog’s eyes, you’re making life better for them! Sure, that’s an obvious thing to state. However, many dog owners don’t realize why that is important.

With their vision unhindered, a pup can navigate the world without colliding into things. Moreover, they would also be able to communicate with their fellow dogs. A dog’s main method of communication is body language.

Besides preventing clumsiness, there are other reasons to remove the fur from your dog’s eyes. Even partially obscured vision can be a problem for them. Dogs miss out on the information only available to them through visual perception.

Additionally, some breeds are naturally easy to surprise or startle. They would find the world much less scary if they can see the threat coming. They aren’t taken by surprise and, thus, won’t react out of fear. Small dogs, for instance, can get snappy when startled. Trimming the hair back from their eyes can help prevent that.

There’s one more reason for trimming the fur around your dog’s eyes so that you can see them. Not only are they lovely, but much of the affection your canine companion displays for you is through their eyes. Why would you want to miss that?

Finally, when you let fur hang over your pooch’s eyes, it can get into their eyes. Therefore, you might be putting them at risk of getting an infection. Furthermore, the fur can scratch their eyes. In both cases, leaving the eye unclean would cause your fur baby pain or result in serious damage!


Why do some dogs look like mops?

The Komondor (/ˈkɒməndɔːr, ˈkoʊm-/), also known as the Hungarian sheepdog, is a large, white-coloured Hungarian breed of livestock guardian dog with a long, corded coat. Sometimes referred to as ‘mop dogs’, the Komondor is a long-established dog breed commonly employed to guard livestock and other property.

Are mop dogs rare?


Given the cold environment they evolved in, they don’t just have one coat for protection and warmth – they have three! One of their undercoats has short hair; the other undercoat consists of long hair. Then, their topcoat is both long and curly, giving the dog its mop-like look.