Fawn Tri Color Pitbull

If you are planning on getting a Pitbull, you may be interested in a rare tri color Pitbull. These dogs are starting to become very popular!

But what exactly is a tri color Pitbull. How do they differ from any other variety of Pitbull dogs?

Chocolate colored Pitbulls

Mostly this tri-color will show up in American bully because chocolate is their base coat color. These pit bulls have dark brown, fawn, and White color in their coat.

Fawn Tri Color Pitbull

What is a Tri color pitbull?

We have seen Pitbulls in ordinary colors and they already have proven their worth too. Now is a time for a little change though. Tricolor Pitbulls are Pitbulls who have unique tints of three colors on their coats.

Although the tricolor coat is unique but found in almost all the bloodlines of the pitbull. All the types of Pitbulls have tri-colored coats in their breed. These are

  • American Pit Bull Terriers in tricolor coats
  • tricolor American Bully puppies
  • American Staffordshire Terriers in tri coats and
  • Tricolor Staffordshire Bull Terriers
  • As the name suggests, tricolor pitbull have three different shades in their coats. Usually, the base color is any of the common colors like black, lilac, or blue. The two other shades that create tri-color magic are usually white and tan.

    Now there are three colors on the plate so breeders are trying to create as unique delicacy as they could. Three colors are quite a weapon on canvas to play with. (Keep in mind how three basic colors have created an entire rainbow).

    A little breeding maths

    This is no easy game about how to make tricolor Pitbulls. Trust us.

  • A tan and black dog means your dog has inherited AT genes from both parents. Here the tan gene was recessive and it showed itself now.
  • If a dog is red-yellow, it has inherited At genes from one parent and the Ay gene from another parent.
  • Similarly, a black dog inherited A genes and At genes from parents. This A and At combination can also produce brown and blue dogs. So you never know, even when you are following a science you will get the exact desired color. A game of chance indeed!
  • FAQ

    What is a fawn colored Pitbull?

    Lilac and Blue Tri-Color Pitbulls Are Rare

    Colors like lilac and merle blue are the rarest.

    How much do fawn Pitbulls cost?

    The Blue Fawn Pitbull occurs when the dog inherits two dilute genes. Because this gene is recessive, one must be inherited from both parents to produce this coloration (you may know this color from other breeds, such as the Weimaraner).