Frequent How long does it take to get a cremated dog back? Simple and Effective Tips

What if your pet arrived from a vet’s practice?

If your pet arrived with us from your vet’s practice, then it’s normal practice that after your pet’s cremation that they are returned to your vet’s practice, for you to collect. This process can take roughly one week. If you don’t advise your vet of your choice of casket or urn you would like, then your pet will be placed in a presentation box. If you did choose a container, then your pet’s ashes will be returned in it.

Have you been asked to contact us directly?

Some of the veterinary practices, that use our service, will ask you to contact us directly to make payment. In this instance, we will securely hold your pet’s ashes giving you the time to contact us. Once payment is made the ashes will be returned to you within 7-10 working days. This is normally returned via our chosen courier company.

*This procedure should be explained to you by your practice. *

Your Vet Is Responsible for Returning Your Pet’s Cremains

I always thought this was the responsibility of the company to take care of cremation services. So the first time I was approached by a crying owner telling me: “I am here to pick up Marley,” I remember acting a bit clueless as I looked up the chart that had the list of hospitalized pets. I even remembered “doing the rounds” earlier and couldnt recall any dogs going by the name of Marley. “If Marley was truly hospitalized, she must have been in pretty bad shape,” I remember thinking to myself. Then, luckily my manager approached me and whispered to me: “She is here to pick up her dogs cremains; let me help you.”

So I followed her and found out that just on the bottom shelf right behind my desk in the reception area there were several small boxes. “See, each box has a name tag attached. This is hers.” She handed me the wood box and there I was, handing Marleys owner a small box full of her beloved dogs ashes. “I am so sorry for your loss,” I whispered in a sort of unrealistic tone, a tone that in my opinion could really not do much to help ease the owners grief. She nodded as she grasped the box and held it tightly as she exited the reception area.

Since my desk was the closest to the shelf and I worked the morning shift, I was put in charge of receiving the remains from the cremation company early in the morning, keeping them nicely organized on the shelf, and handing the cremains to clients while giving them condolences.

How do I know I’m getting my pet’s ashes back when they are cremated?

We make decisions daily as pet parents. What to feed them? Do I put them in daycare? When to take them for walks?

Unfortunately, when death occurs, one of the first decisions that needs to be made is if your pet should be cremated. Pet cremation is common among pet parents, but you may be one of the many who are unsure of the process or even the questions to ask.

If you have a veterinarian you trust start there. Some clinics actually perform the cremation process themselves. Others have a relationship with a crematory that handles their pet cremations. If they have a crematory do their cremations, feel free to ask them the name of the crematory.