Frequent What should I do if my dog runs over? What to Know

Keep in shape together

Set daily goals. See if your dog is getting enough active time and rest. Compare with similar breeds. Competitive? Challenge your friends, and rise in the global rankings.

Your Dog Is Looking for a Mate

Unaltered or intact males are particularly guilty of wandering the neighborhood looking for love. That said, neutering your dog or getting a female won’t necessarily prevent your dog from ever deciding to wander.

If your boy dog can smell a female nearby, especially if she’s in heat, he will put in a lot of effort to jump the fence and go meet her. Females, especially females in heat, may also escape to find a suitor. Neutering your male dog and spaying your female dog can help reduce this problem.

How to stop your dog from running out the door or through an open gate

Always put your pup on a leash and hold the leash securely in your hand before opening the door or gate to avoid having your dog run off. Basic dog training will help your dog learn to Come and Sit while you attach a leash securely to the dog’s collar or harness. When you need to open your home’s front door to grab a package or welcome a visitor, teach your dog to Stay while the door is open.

Avoid multitasking when you open the door or gate. Keep your eyes on your pup and watch for behavioral cues. Put down your phone until your dog is leashed or following your commands so you won’t be distracted.

If backyard escapes continue to happen when you open a fence gate, consider adding an airlock or vestibule to your fence. This system creates double-gated entry and exit from your yard and a safe, enclosed area where you can leash up your dog before heading out.

Frequent What should I do if my dog runs over?

What TO do and what NOT to do if your dog runs away and doesn’t listen