Has Paul Ogradys dog died? Simple and Effective Tips

He presents Paul OGrady: For the Love of Dogs on ITV covering life at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. He is also an ambassador for the centre.

One said: “So sorry Paul thank you for all love and forever homes you give to animals.”

It added: “Just dont let him near a dressing gown as he loves to steal the belt and let Paul chase after him.”

Sharing the news via his friend Malcolm Princes Twitter page, the post read: “A message from Paul…

Another said: “So sorry to hear of his loss, he will be heartbroken. Paul is such a great ambassador for animals.”

“The only downside to being on the show is all the baths hes made to have, as hes happiest rolling around in the dirt on Pauls farm.”

Just four years later, Paul revealed how his beloved Olga, a cairn terrier cross, had been diagnosed with cancer.

He mentioned this some years ago and revealed that “under no circumstances” was he allowed to go home with any more animals from Battersea.

He has long been a vocal supporter of animal rights and is an ambassador for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, as well as a patron of charities including Orangutan Appeal UK and Wildlife SOS.

Despite having almost always shared his home with an animal, it wasnt until the pandemic when Paul moved in with his husband of almost five years, Andre.

At the time, he announced the news on his Radio 2 show and said: “I can’t handle it, it’s what I always say – invite an animal into your life, inevitably you invite heartache.”

“What happens when all this is over and the owner goes back to work? The dog who is used to having people round all the time might find itself on it’s own. I understand and I can talk.

Along with the tear-jerking news was a heartwarming picture of Paul and Boycie cuddled up on the sofa who he previously called ‘a smashing little fella’.

He said: “I think you should be really cautious about getting a dog at this time because this isn’t forever you know. I know the sentiment and where it is coming from. I really do sympathise.

“He asked me to share this photo #TeamPOG #paulogrady #FarewellBoycie.”

Paul announces Buster’s death and gets very emotional – Paul O’Grady Show 23rd November 2009