Homemade Dog Ear Cleaner Coconut Oil

Most dogs with aches and pain in their ear are diagnosed with an ear infection from either a yeast or bacterial microorganism. While an ongoing condition should be treated at the vet, the majority of minor ear infections can be treated naturally at home.

Here at Dope Dog we care about a man’s best friend and want to provide information on DIY treatments to get rid of ear infections.

2) As a Natural Pest Repellent

100% natural, human-grade coconut oil acts as an effective flea and tick repellent. Its a safe and natural alternative to powerful chemicals that risk the health of your precious pets. If you suspect that your pet has fleas, massage a generous amount of coconut oil onto the skin and hair of the animal, making sure to coat the skin well. Leave the oil on for at least 8 hours, then wash your pet with a natural, gentle shampoo.

Introducing Coconut Oil to Your Pet’s Diet

When first introducing your pet to coconut oil, start with a very small amount and increase gradually. Some pets – especially those not used to much fat in their diets – may need a while for their digestive systems to adapt. Coconut oil is a healthy fat that benefits the body in many ways, but too much too soon could upset your pets stomach. For most pets, the daily maintenance dose (more on that in a moment) should pose no problems. But its advisable to feed half that amount at first, and slowly work up to the maintenance dose over a period of one or two weeks. Doing this ensures that your pets digestive system has time to adapt.


Exposing your dog to a more natural lifestyle is a way to prevent them from developing an ear infection. Here are some of the lifestyle choices that can prevent a dog from contracting infection:

  • Avoid exposure to chemicals and pesticides in the environment.
  • Be cautious with pharmaceutical drugs.
  • Feed the dog with a raw diet, whole foods, or dog food with healthy ingredients.
  • FAQ

    Can I use coconut oil on my dog’s ears?

    Pets are susceptible to ear infections caused by bacteria, yeast and ear mites. Apply a few drops of coconut oil to your pet’s ears each day to soothe itchiness, clear up infection, kill mites, and keep their ears clean and healthy.

    What is a good homemade dog ear cleaner?

    Commercial ear cleaners have several properties built in to help reduce debris and moisture in the ears, and are safe when directed by your veterinarian. A DIY that has come through the channels is using vinegar (white or apple cider) as an ear cleaner to help resolve ear infections or as a regular cleaner.

    Does coconut oil help ear infections?

    Bacteria in the ear can develop into an infection, usually in the middle ear. This causes fluid to build up and put pressure on the eardrum. Ear infections can cause pain and temporary hearing loss. Medical experts say that some ear infections can be treated at home with essential oils diluted with melted coconut oil.