How can I increase my dog’s intelligence? Expert Advice

Increase IQ Through Treats

Another Amazon favorite for a pup’s brain development is the IQ Treat Ball. The inexpensive treat dispenser combines fetch with food. Your dog will benefit from mental and physical exercise with this toy. Fill the ball with kibble, toss it across the room. As the ball rolls, it will release treats. Your dog will be able to retrieve them from the ball, and you can increase difficulty by making the opening smaller. This is another one to leave with the pup when she’s home alone.

How to Make Your Dog Smart

Introducing a new trick is one of the best ways that will boost the intelligence of your canine. It may seem hard work to teach him, a good way to do it is to give him rewards and be patient with him. Do not force the dog to do the trick that you are introducing, be patient as you teach and reward him on every move he makes.

While doing this, be cautious about time. Do not take more than 30 minutes on the training. Taking too much time will make the dog get bored. Doing it within 30 minutes will also improve his memory. You can teach him a new trick every week.

The look left, right and spin on your command have been covered in another article.

3) Working and obedient intelligence

This is measured by what he can learn to do when instructed by humans. When a pet owner understands the different types of intelligence, he or she will now be in a good position to figure out what their pet is smart at.

It will be unfair to say that your dog is not smart because they failed to perform a certain task. If it fails in one, try in another until you bring out that unique part of their intelligence.

Testing My Dog’s Intelligence | Dog IQ Test

When you want to improve the dog’s intelligence, its best to teach him tricks like roll on the floor, socialize your dog, provide puzzle games, send him to training classes, praise him and provide a good diet.

New research suggests that canines are indeed bright and unique. Many people have the concept that there are some breeds of dogs that are smarter than others. However, the reality is that there are different types of intelligence and different dogs are good at different things.

Just likehuman beings are smart in different ways so are the dogs. Failure to understandthis means that a dog owner can underestimate the intelligence of their bestfriend. In order to understand how you can bring out your dog’s inner genius,it is good to answer some questions