How can I talk to my dog when I’m not home? A Complete Guide


In today’s busy world, it can be difficult to keep track of whether you’re giving your pets the right amount of food to keep them happy and healthy. Petnet’s smart solutions keep track of that for you and can even take over feeding responsibilities.

If you need to feed your pet at certain times each day, the SmartFeeder (Amazon, $119) is the solution for you. It can hold up to seven pounds of food that it dispenses throughout the day based on your pet’s weight, age, activity level and feeding schedule. It will even send you alerts every time your pet gets fed.

If your pet is more of a grazer, check out the SmartBowl (Amazon, $50). You simply fill up the bowl, and it will alert you when food is getting low. It’s also an easy way to keep track of how much your pet is eating. Plus, both the SmartFeeder and SmartBowl integrate with other smart home products like Amazon’s Alexa or Nest.

Furbo Dog Camera

The Furbo Dog Camera is a smart camera that works with both iPhones and Android phones. It has several features that let you keep tabs on your dogs and interact with them when you’re not home.

Created by Tomofun, Furbo’s HD camera with night vision mode lets you check in on and talk to your dog any time from your phone. It also features a bark alert that lets you know when your dog is making a lot of noise, so you can reach out and calm him or her down.

Furbo also has a treat dispenser, so you can give your dog a snack during the day or keep up with training your pet even when you’re not home. You can also record video from the device, so you can capture any especially noteworthy moments and share them on social media.

The Furbo app is available as a free download for both Apple and Android users. However, you will need to purchase the camera for it to work. The camera will be officially released in September, but you can pre-order yours now for $200. That’s $50 less than the price it will be once it hits shelves.

Walk Your Dog Before Leaving

Of course, we can’t forget about how important exercise is for both the physical and mental health of dogs. You should be making sure your dog gets regular exercise no matter what, but it can also double as a way to reduce anxiety.

Taking your dog for a walk in the morning before you leave can help to wear them out and burn off some of that nervous energy. They’re more likely to nap and be in a better state of mind after they’ve gotten some activity in their day!

Cesar Explains How To Fix Separation Anxiety With Your Dog

Our busy modern lifestyles aren’t great for dogs. Dogs are pack animals, and they thrive off of being social. Those of us who work all day and have to leave our pets at home have probably ended up Googling “dog separation anxiety solutions” when we came back to a chewed table leg.

If you notice your dog is a little too happy to see you when you come home, or if you see that a perfectly trained pup has started urinating in the house, those are usually signs of anxiety. The good news is that there’s a variety of ways to help calm your dog and soothe their fears.