How can I tell how tall my puppy will be? Here’s What to Do Next

Where did the Bichon Frise originate from?

MadagascarSpainFranceRussiaBelow is an example of what you’ll get as a result at the end of the calculation!


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Dogs come in all sizes, shapes, and heights, from tiny teacup pooches to the gentle giants that we simply cannot get enough of. The height your dog grows to be is particularly important not only due to personal preference but also as it is part of your dogs identity and potential life quality.

How tall your puppy will grow up to is dependent on a number of factors, but the most important are breed and individual genetics.

In the sections below, we shall answer all the questions you probably have about figuring out your dogs potential height, from what determines it to how to predict it.

That way, you will have a great idea of what to expect from your pooch before or once you bring them home with you. After all, is said and done, size really does matter when it comes to your dogs height, both for you and your dog.

How to Measure a Dogs Height

In order to measure a dog, you will need a tape measure or a yardstick. You will also need to measure them on a flat surface in order to ensure your dog is fully upright and level with the ground.

  • Make sure your dog is standing upright, and their legs are vertical and not splayed out to their sides.
  • Find the uppermost point on the dog’s shoulder and start your measurement from there. Then just make sure the ruler is directly in line with the dog’s front leg.
  • Once you have an accurate reading remember the measurement, and then write it down so you will have it available for future reference.
  • Select Your BreedPlease Note: Our Puppy Height Calculator is meant for use solely as an estimation tool for the height of a dog. Differences between individual dogs are not considered. If the accuracy of the height of the dog is absolutely necessary, please use a scale. TheGoodyPet is not responsible for undesirable circumstances that may arise from an inaccurate measurement of the dog’s height using this tool.

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  • Can you tell how big a puppy will get?

    How big will my puppy be? If you’ve adopted your dog at a young age, then it’s guaranteed that you’ve asked a vet, breeder, or both this question. While it’s good to know for curiosity’s sake, it’s also extremely helpful for planning ahead. You’ll need to know how big of a dog crate to get, the size of their collar, as well as if you have the room for the eventual size your full-grown pup will grow into. Of course, if you have a purebred dog, you’ll be able to easily obtain an estimate on the average size of that fully-grown breed. However, there are plenty of cases where the dog doesn’t grow anywhere near that size for one reason or another, or they grow well beyond the average.

    So, how can you get a good idea of how big your puppy will get? We’re going to look at factors that influence your puppy’s growth, so you can know how big your puppy should get if they grow to their full potential. We’ve also supplied you with some crafty calculations, so you can obtain measurements that are personalized to your particular pup!