How can you tell if a dog is hyperactive? A Step-by-Step Guide

There is no universal canine exercise standard, but it’s a safe assumption that if your dog is in constant motion and unable to settle down even at the end of the day, he probably needs more exercise than he’s getting. You can vent some of that excess energy by playing focused games with your dog, like tug and fetch. Both games are excellent energy burners, and when they are played with rules they are transformed into mini training exercises.

Studies have drawn loose correlations between hyperactivity and certain dog food ingredients, so it makes sense to feed your dog a high quality food with pure, easy to identify ingredients, like identifiable meats (no meat byproducts) and minimal fillers and preservatives.

Mental exercise is a phenomenal way to wear out the dog who doesn’t require an all-day commitment or a national park-sized yard. Dogs are athletes, so it’s not always easy to exercise them to the point of exhaustion, but it’s surprisingly easy to work their brains until they’re begging for a break. Something as simple as a shaping game with the clicker (shaping involves breaking down a desired behavior into its incremental parts), which encourages your dog to think creatively and try new things, or teaching him a silly new trick like roll over will require your dog to focus and work through frustration. This isn’t always easy for busy dogs!

The following multi-level approach will help to address your high energy dog’s needs from the inside out.

It’s tempting to pick up a giant bag of cheap dog food at the local big box store, but what your dog eats can have a direct impact on his behavior.

Stay on top of your dog’s wellness

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In some cases, the energy reaches a this-drives-me-crazy-level which leaves many dog owners frustrated and exhausted. Here we have a few simple techniques you can try at home to calm your hyperactive dog.

Hyperactive dog: does diet play a major role?

While a dog doesn’t necessarily become hyperactive due to diet reasons only, a certain type of diet or certain foods can play a role on your dog’s activity level. The chemical substances dopamine is decomposed in phenylalanine. Therefore, try to avoid feeding your dog too much chicken, turkey or wild meat, since these contain high amounts of phenylalanine.

Watch as I show you the signs of ADHD, hyperactivity and other mental conditions

Many dogs tend to be hyperactive. It can be excitement, boredom or happiness that motivates your furry friend to jump around and this can be either cute or exhausting for dog parents. Find out what to do to calm your dog down!

Hyperactive, over-excited and jumping up and down. Dogs going crazy can be quite cute and funny to look at! But, if your hyper puppy leaves you exhausted every single day, you might not see the fun anymore. Here are a few tips to calm your crazy friend.