How do I advertise my dog for adoption? Find Out Here

Spread the word out and about

Do you visit a dog park? Ask around to find out if anyone is looking for a new pet. If your pet stays at a boarding kennel when you go on holiday, ring them to see if they can ask around. Ask your vet, ask neighbours. Dog washers and dog walkers are also good contacts to find out who’s looking for a new pet. Ask pretty much everyone you deal with on a daily basis – you never know who might come forward!

If youre a member of a church, club or group, ask if you can place an advert in their newsletter or on their noticeboard.

You have every right to screen all potential new owners who enquire about your pet. Think of it as an adoption, not a sale. Choose the person you think will make the best companion for your pet.

If someone responds to your advert, a phone conversation is a great way to get an idea of whether they are likely to be a great match for your pet.

To start, you might say: “This dog/cat is very special to me, and I am looking for just the right home for him/her. Would you mind if I asked you a few questions about yourself and your home?”

Let all applicants know you will be checking references and need to speak to their vet (if theyve had pets before).

Identify the ideal home for your pet

Make a list of what you feel is most important for your pet. What kind of environment does he need? Is he ok with children? Is he OK with other pets? What kind of people would suit his personality and energy levels? Once you have a firm idea of what youre looking for, it will be easier to manage your search and get the results you want for your pet.

Make sure the dogs look snazzy.

When you have a job interview, you know it’s important to look your best. The way you present yourself can make or break the deal. Presenting a dog as an adoption prospect is similar to a job interview, so make sure the dogs are clean, well groomed and look their best, whether you’re taking photographs or video of them, or showing them at an adoption event. The dogs will feel better, and that will come across in their demeanor. Also, whenever adoptable dogs are out in public, make sure they’re dressed in colorful “Adopt Me” vests or bandanas to let everyone know they’re looking for homes.

Pet Adoption’s New Marketing Tool? Billboards

Many shelters and rescues consider social media invaluable for finding homes for the animals in their care. These tips will help you develop a strategic plan for your socials for campaigns like Adopt a Shelter Dog Month – and any time of the year.