How do I entertain my dog on a rainy day? Here’s the Answer

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Teaching your dog to find hidden treasure, using only his nose, is a great game for your dog’s body and mind. Begin with something simple to make sure your dog understands the game and doesn’t get too discouraged. Put your dog in a “sit” or “stay”, and hide a treat or favorite toy somewhere obvious. Then give him the cue to go find the toy. Once your dog understands the game, you can make it more difficult by hiding the treat or toy in another room, or in baskets and boxes. Let your dog investigate the house and provide a reward when he finds the hidden treasure. There are many variations of this game, so feel free to be creative.

Practice Nose Work With Hide and Seek Games

How do I entertain my dog on a rainy day?

Let your woof activate her huntress instincts with hide and seek treat games. Hide high value snaccs in blanket forts, nooks, crannies, or even a ball pit. For the advanced Sherlock Bones, check out a scentwork kit.

Play Hide and Seek with Your Dog

You can play this popular game in a couple of different ways with your dog. First, grab your pup’s favorite toy or a yummy treat and hide it under a bunch of pillows or a blanket. Watch your dog have a blast trying to find their prize.

Once your dog gets the idea, you can increase the challenge by hiding the object in different locations. Another fun way to play hide and seek with your dog is for you to hide and let them find you.

Make sure you have a treat at the ready to reward them when they discover your hiding spot. It might take some time to teach your pup this version of the game, but it’s tons of fun once they catch on.

What to do With Your Dog on Rainy Days!

Keeping an active dog entertained on a rainy day can sometimes be challenging. If the rain’s coming down too hard to play outside or go for a walk, you might find Fido getting extra frisky. Luckily, several rainy day activities for dogs will keep your pup engaged and out of trouble when you need to hang up the leash. Plus, youll have fun, too.

The next time the rain throws a wrench into your puppy plans, have a training session or check out some dog-friendly shops. You can also teach your furry friend to play hide-and-seek or let them have some solo fun with interactive toys or treat puzzles. If your dog loves to dig, get an indoor digging mat to keep them amused (and from digging up the couch cushions).

No one likes to be stuck inside on a rainy day. But with a good backup plan, you can turn your pups frown upside down. Who knows, they might have so much fun that they cant wait to hear the pitter-patter of raindrops on the window.