How do I get my dog to poop in a different area? Here’s What to Do Next

How to Get Your Dog to Poop Outside in the Rain or Snow

Dogs prefer to go potty in places that are safe, comfortable and smell of past eliminations because this increases their need and desire to “do their duty,” says Mikkel Becker, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, CDBC, a behavior counselor at Homeward Pet Adoption Center in Woodinville, Wash., and a trainer at Doggy Haven Resort in Bothell, Wash. “And when it’s raining or snowing,” she says, “this may happen to be the carpet rather than the grass.”

Of course, you don’t want a mess on your carpet or floors, so you need some tricks on how to get your dog to poop outside. So before stormy weather strikes, try one or all of these strategies.

Choose a Spot

Choose a dog potty spot outside of the high traffic areas of your yard. The spot you designate should be appropriate for the size of your dog. A small area might be fine for a toy or small breed dog, but larger breeds are going to need more space. Your dog wont want to keep peeing and pooping in a tiny area that becomes very smelly and dirty.

Sometimes, a dog will choose its own spot. If your dog often returns to a particular area to relieve itself, try to make this the toilet area. Just make sure the chosen spot is realistic for you and your desired yard use.

How do I get my dog to stop pooping in the wrong place?If the dog begins to poop/pee inside:

  • Immediately interrupt him by clapping and saying “Ah ah!” Get the dog outside as soon as possible (carry him whenever possible and put the leash on the dog as you head to the door). …
  • Once you are outside, take the dog right to the area where you want him to “go.”
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