How do I get my dog to sleep longer at night? Find Out Here

How to make your dog to sleep through the night:

There’s nothing more frustrating than a dog who scoots around downstairs all night making noise. Here, we explore 5 tips for helping your dog sleep from sunset to sunrise.

Keeping things consistent day to day helps your dog to recognise when it’s time for bed. Try to take them on walk at around the same time each day, preferably before and after you go to work. The same applies to meals: feeding your dog a few hours before bed will help him or her digest the food comfortably. While it may be a bit more difficult to get timings right on weekends, try and stick to your routine as closely as possible.

Just before you and your pet hit the hay, keep the hour before bedtime as relaxed as possible. Avoid excessive treats or exciting activities. Most importantly, ensure your dog does his business just before bed, so he won’t be needing the toilet again come 3 am.

Steps for Getting Your Puppy to Sleep Through the Night

One of my favorite sayings is, “A tired puppy is a good puppy!” Stimulate your puppy’s mind and body with age-appropriate activities and toys, like the KONG Puppy Dog Toy, during the day. Another top-rated option that your pup is sure to love is a Puppy Goody Box, which comes filled with toys and chews for young dogs.

Toys and activities will help you bond with your puppy and use up their energy. As your puppy grows up, they will need more exercise.

Try to avoid intense games of tug or other exciting activities that get your puppy aroused and amped up within the last half hour or so before bedtime. Many dogs enjoy routines: My dogs know that when I brush my teeth at night, it is almost time for bed.

What To Expect On Your Puppy’s First Night Home

Your puppy’s first night home will probably go one of two ways:

  • They will be totally exhausted from the excitement of the day and go right to sleep, or
  • They will have trouble settling in. Moving to a new home with strangers is a stressful event, even if all introductions go smoothly.
  • Ask your dogs breeder, foster family or rescue organization for a toy, towel or small blanket that smells like your puppy’s mother/siblings or previous home to put in their dog crate at bedtime. These familiar scents will help them to relax and settle in. Get more crate training tips here.

    The younger your puppy is, the less likely it will be that they are able to sleep all the way through the night at first. Dogs don’t like to soil the areas where they sleep, so if your puppy needs a trip outside during the night, they will start to fuss and cry. When you hear them crying, take them outside for a short walk, then bring them back inside and put them back in their crate. Most puppies consistently sleep through the night by 3 or 4 months of age until theyre ready for a dog bed.

    How to Get Puppy to Sleep Longer

    In many ways, getting a new puppy is just like having a baby in the house. They are cute and fun to cuddle or play with, but also poop a lot and throw occasional tantrums. Everyone has heard horror stories about parents kept awake all night by an unhappy baby. Luckily for you, how to get a puppy to sleep through the night is usually pretty easy!

    Like their human counterparts, dogs are most active during the day and naturally prefer to sleep at night. Even if they take frequent naps, they will still usually go into a deep, extended sleep at night. Your puppy will already be started on this activity cycle when they come home, although like other baby animals, they may not be able to hold their bladder very well at first.