How do I get my dog to stop growling at my puppy? Surprising Answer

Introduce them away from home base

It’s usually best to introduce your older dog to the puppy at a neutral location, not at your home.

Doing so will help prevent any territoriality that your older dog may show.

It’s difficult to introduce a puppy to an older dog in many locations because the puppy shouldn’t be where other unvaccinated dogs may have been.

So you might introduce them at a friend’s house or another neutral location.

When I got my Aussie mix puppy, Millie, last summer, the rescue group had us meet her at their location. And I brought my five other dogs to meet her.

My other dogs are dog-friendly and tolerate puppies and know how to appropriately correct them. But it was still important for them to meet there.

Have your older dog get treats when he even sees the puppy and is calm. If at any time he seems aggressive (raised hackles, lunging, snarling), end any potential interaction and get professional help.

In your introductions, you need two handlers–one for the puppy and another for the older dog. Have one person hold the puppy on leash and the other person hold the older dog’s leash.

Have them on six-foot leashes–no long lines or flexis. Also, it’s best to have them on harnesses they can’t slip out of.

A tight collar on the older dog may send him the signal that something’s wrong.

Have them on opposite sides of the room.

After they get used to being in the same room together, move them a few feet closer, making sure that the older dog is comfortable.

It may take an hour or more, depending on the dog, to have them meet briefly face-to-face.

Walk up to each other over time if the adult dog seems relaxed, have them meet for a few seconds if all goes well, then walk apart (telling them “let’s go” as you walk away).

Consider whether the puppy you choose is appropriate for your older dog

For example, a Saint Bernard puppy may be too much for an older Maltese.

When choosing a puppy, choose one that won’t overwhelm your older dog and that has similar energy levels.

Doing so increases the likelihood that they’ll successfully live together.

It’s not impossible for the odd couple to get along. It usually just makes it more difficult.

But I’ve had my Lhasa apso Ralphie who’s an adult accept my Aussie mix puppy Millie. It just required more management and work.

1 Teach the puppy some commands

In order for the puppy to understand what’s expected, obedience training is important.

As a foundation, the pup should learn to sit, lie down, walk on a loose leash, pay attention to you, and settle on command.

The more the puppy knows, it’s more likely that the two dogs will get along.

It’s important to teach the puppy some impulse control.

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