How do I give my dog a B12 shot? Find Out Here

Injection process and steps:

  • A handler should be considered as even with my dog Sherman who melts when he has his muzzle on, sometimes needs a good distraction like a scratch on the head or under his muzzle.
  • Draw up the amount for the injection (see below the amount for Sherm’s Adequan injection) – 0.75 ml
  • Change needles so there is a fresh and sharp needle! A needle that already went into the bottle is DULL. You cannot see it but you can under a microscope You’ll see I change the needle below to a 25 gauge.
  • Once you try this you’ll see how easy it is – even if you don’t love needles.
  • Tenting the skin:

    Lift the skin up and determine the best place to inject the medication – here’s a visual:


  • Needles and a syringe (you will always change your needle before giving the injection so you need multiple needles)
  • The needle gauge will be determined by your vet but I opted for smaller needles even if the injection takes longer
  • Muzzle that fits your dog and your vet can help you order the right one
  • The medication from your vet
  • Sharps container for your used needles and syringes which you can drop off at your vet’s office when full
  • Treats for before and afterward
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    Just like humans benefit from taking the right vitamins when they need them, so do dogs. We recently traveled with all the dogs to Colorado and the dogs were going to experience the altitude for the first time. Dogs can get altitude sickness just like humans can. I get altitude sickness! Guess what I take to overcome it? I load up on B12!

    B12 supports brain and gastrointestinal tract functioning in a dog. Mylah’s body is missing important enzymes that affect her gastrointestinal tract and brain function and therefore causes a deficiency in B12 and it shows in the form of weight loss, fur loss, etc.

    Now, Mylah is a complicated case because she has diabetes on top of EPI and IBD so for her B12 isn’t going to solve every problem. But it sure helps. Dogs who have these issues and aren’t supported with B12 can have a very poor prognosis. We give Mylah an injection of B12 every week to help her little body function better. Your veterinarian will prescribe the dosage for your dog.

    If your dog is having issues with lethargy or anything I listed above, B12 might be a good solution. Consult with your vet and they can send you home with the B12 injections for your dog. Giving the injections is pretty easy too – I give the injection right under the skin in the thigh area.

    Vitamin B12 Injections by Animal Wellness Center of Maple Grove