How do I keep my puppy safe in the garden? Here’s What to Expect

Install a Dog-Friendly Digging Area

How do I keep my puppy safe in the garden?

Some canines seem compelled to dig in your garden, which can cause all kinds of headaches.

So, if your darling dog loves to dig, you may want to try providing a designated digging area that’ll serve as an alternative. By purchasing a pre-made sandbox or creating your own, you can likely stop your dog from digging holes in your garden and other delicate areas.

This may involve a bit of training though. Just encourage your dog to dig in the designated spot instead of the garden by redirecting him there anytime you catch him in the act. Then, provide him with praise and treats whenever he spends time in the box.

How do I keep my puppy safe in the garden?

Dogs obviously can’t read, but some “keep out” signs may help encourage other owners to keep their dogs from peeing on your lawn. Signs are also a pretty inexpensive tool, compared to some other options.

You may also want to consider pairing a sign with a visible barrier (such as a fence) to make it easier for your neighbors to see what is off limits.

How do I keep my puppy safe in the garden?

It’s definitely a provocative move, but installing a video camera can definitely help you identify the dogs and owners who’re trespassing in your garden and put an end to the problem.

It’s important to note that this will often lead to an eventual confrontation, but some basic footage can help when contacting the police or your local homeowners association.

Provide a Shelter for Your Pooch

Some pets enjoy spending as much time (if not more) as you do in gardens. Your pooch needs shelter if you want to leave him out in your garden by himself. That will protect him from rain, heat and other elements. You can install an outdoor dog house (maybe even take up the DIY approach) or otherwise make sure that your Fido has a shady, covered area that he can easily access, like a gazebo or arbor.

All of the chemicals, in addition to above mentioned fertilizers and pesticides, should be safely stored away along with any gardening tools that can harm your pooch, like rakes or axes. Keep these items in your garage or shed, or even in your basement if necessary. Dogs are curious animals and theyre bound to get themselves into trouble if risk is not minimized.

Avoid Thorny Plants

Even if a plant is non-toxic to dogs, it can still hurt your pooch if they have spines or thorns. They can cause cuts, abrasions, eye injuries, to name just a few hazards, many of which can later lead to infections and more serious complications. Either put up fences around them, or completely avoid spiky plants in your garden such as yucca, cacti or blackberries or otherwise keep them out of your dog’s reach.

10 Effective Tips to Dog Proof Your Garden – Pet-Friendly Tips To Keep Your Garden & Your Dog Safe

Your zen time among plants can be improved by the presence of a dog. More importantly, gardening and dogs can be as good a combination as peanut butter and jelly, but you need to take certain precautions in order to achieve this harmony and keep dogs safe.

Gardens feature a variety of potential hazards to animals, so your backyard garden needs to be dog-proofed before you allow your pup to hang around there. Here are a few useful tips to help every gardener and dog owner out there.