How do I make my puppy like milk? Essential Tips

Can I Give My Dog Milk for Constipation?

Notice your dog straining as he tries to go potty? Canine constipation, while not necessarily common, can be extremely uncomfortable for your furry friend.

Whittenburg says to avoid giving your dog milk to treat constipation because it can lead to diarrhea and stomach upset. “You do not want to further upset your dogs gastrointestinal tract when they already have an issue, and you may make it worse,” she explains.

Instead, try taking your dog out for some exercise or consult your veterinarian to see if over-the-counter medications might help your dog get back on track.

Plant-based milks are made without any dairy. So, does that make them safer for dogs to drink? It may come as a surprise, but theyre not any better for pooches, Whittenburg says.

Like cows milk, plant-based milks are not toxic to dogs, but the same issues exist … which is why Whittenburg doesnt recommend giving any milk to dogs.

“Plant-based milks are often an allergen for many dogs, and even in dogs that are not allergic, they can cause stomach and gastrointestinal upset,” she says.

Whittenburg adds that plant-based milks—just like cows milk—dont give dogs a sense of fullness but are high in fat and calories, which leads to unwanted weight gain if given often. An additional concern with plant-based milks, she says, is that “the sweetened versions may contain artificial sweeteners that may be toxic to dogs.”

Almonds and almond milk may sound healthy, but neither are recommended for dogs. Whittenburg says almond milk is high in fat and calories and often contains artificial sweeteners (like xylitol) that can poison your pup.

Oat milk is a tasty milk alternative thats become a popular choice for us humans. While made with safe ingredients like rolled oats and water, oat milk is not recommended as a part of your pups daily diet because of its high fiber content, Whittenburg says. It may give your dog an upset stomach.

Coconut milk is yet another human fan-favorite, but it should generally be avoided because it could be an allergen, doesnt have any major nutritional benefits, and can lead to an upset stomach in our canine companions.

If youre a lactose intolerant pet parent, you know just how your body reacts when you indulge in milk, cheese, or ice cream. But did you know dogs cant digest lactose like we do—making them even more sensitive to dairy? Its true: Our four-legged friends can be lactose intolerant, too!

Cow milk contains more lactose and fewer nutrients when compared to dog milk. This, along with the fact that dogs ability to produce lactase (the enzyme responsible for breaking down lactose) decreases as they grow older, is why dogs have more trouble digesting non-canine milk.

Your dog may be lactose intolerant if you notice signs like:

  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • If your canine companions belly can tolerate dairy, milk can be a cool, refreshing treat in moderation. Otherwise, save your pups stomach the discomfort and avoid dairy altogether. (Hell thank you later.)

    Show your appreciation for your best furry friend by surprising him with a wag-worthy homemade treat instead!

    You can also make your own puppy formula. While this is not as nutritionally complete as a commercial milk replacement formula, it can be used until you are able to get a higher-quality milk replacement formula. The following recipe comes from

    There are times when a mother is unable to nurse her pup; whether she isn’t lactating, isn’t present, or has (unfortunately) rejected the puppy. Those are the times when an alternative milk supply is necessary. Luckily, there are options.

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    If you have any concerns at all about your puppy’s health, see a veterinarian right away. This article is NOT a substitute for veterinary advice, and you should always follow your vet’s instructions as they are specifically tailored for your pup. While you set up a consultation with the vet, enroll your new friend in puppy insurance while he’s still very young to avoid exclusions like pre-existing conditions.

    If the puppy is not thriving after a few days on the goat’s milk formula, add two egg yolks and two dissolved packets of unflavored gelatin. The gelatin helps to build strong bones and teeth. Keep the formula in the refrigerator. Don’t be alarmed if it solidifies. When you warm it up before feeding, it will liquefy again.

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    Many canine companions love dairy products. But can dogs drink milk? In short, maybe. Like many human foods, it should only be given to your dog in moderation. Also, a lot of pups are lactose intolerant, and drinking milk can cause intestinal upset.

    How To Make Puppy Milk Homemade