How do I stop my dog from pooping in his cage? Surprising Answer

Rule out any health issues

“If your dog is regularly pooping in his crate you need to differentiate between a training issue and a medical one,” says Woodnutt. “Before heading to your vet, try to observe your dog pooping using a camera. Do they know that’s what they’re doing? Are they attempting to signal to be let out? Some medical problems can cause dogs to become incontinent, in which case your dog won’t be aware they’re pooping. Other medical problems cause urgency which mean your dog will know they need to poop, but they won’t get much warning. Identifying if either of these apply to your dog before you take them to the vet will help with the diagnostics.”

In terms of mental health, its important to rule out separation anxiety as a cause for your dog pooping in the crate. Separation anxiety in dogs is a very common condition and something that can make you as a pet parent feel trapped in your own home. If you feel your pup may be struggling with this, we recommend you seek the assistance of a professional dog trainer who will be able to provide you and your pup with some 1:1 support.

How to stop your dog from pooping in the crate

Not all dogs can tolerate crates, which is something you should consider when crate training is a topic of conversation. If you have a dog trainer, discuss it with them, as some dogs can get claustrophobic or otherwise anxious when in a crate. Some dogs dont need to be crated when left alone, as they dont have an affinity for chewing stuff they shouldnt or making messes, but always ensure you leave your dog in a safe situation when leaving the house.

Determining whether your dog is a good fit for crate training is something you can do on your own by observing them in a crate, or with a trainer if necessary. Crate training a puppy is far easier than trying to crate train an older dog, as you can help create positive associations with the crate and help teach a puppy bladder control. Older dogs may have negative connotations with the crate, or may fear solitude.

Get a sizable crate

Make sure the crate is not too large for your puppy.

Large crates seem to send a signal to puppies “You can poop right here in the corner of the crate. But move over to the front area to sleep, buddy.”

If the crate you got for your puppy is too large, you should consider creating a partition.

The goal of this partition is to make the crate appear smaller but with just enough room for your pooch to turn around and lay with his little legs out.

This will not give your little furry companion enough room to poop and then lay in it.

For a guide on the best crates for a puppy, read this blog post.

How to Keep a Dog From Defecating in Its Crate : Dog Training

One of the most significant challenges a dog owner faces is how to stop a puppy from pooping in a crate at night.

How to stop a puppy from pooping in a crate at night? First, check with your vet to eliminate the possibility of a health condition. Other things you can do include proper potty training, adequate exercise, and proper feeding times.

If you are a dog owner and your puppy keeps soiling his crate every night, this article is for you.

By the time you read this article to the end, you would have learned the steps to take to prevent your beloved little companion from pooping at night in their crate.