How do I stop my dog from stealing his slippers? What to Know

Make sure they are getting enough exercise

As we mentioned, hunter and retriever dogswere bred to run and run. And even though you might live in the middle of a bigcity rather than out in the woods their ancestors (your pup) still have theinstinct – and the energy – to do so, so it’s crucial that they get enoughexercise.

If you don’t always have the time for longwalks – and your dog is relatively well behaved a run in the yard – a wellfenced in area – can be a good solution. Just make sure that you do not sendthem out when the weather is too cold or that they are not left out there whenno one is home. No yard? Most towns and cities these days offer fenced in dogparks where your dog can run to his heart’s content and you don’t have to trailhim for miles in order for him to do so.

Keeping hunter dogs away from slippers

So, how do you keep a hunter dog away fromyour slippers? Give them something else to exercise their instincts on. We arenot suggesting that you immediately have to take up hunting though. Instead,you need to occupy him and use up some of that energy (hunting dogs were bredto run for hours) and let him exercise his instincts in a different way. Hereare just a few suggestions:

Head into any pet store – or browse to any petsupplies retailer online – and you’ll quickly find that there are dozens anddozens of dog toys to choose from. But the fact is that some of those toys arebetter suited to hunter/retriever dogs than others. These include all of thefollowing:

  • Fetch toys, both balls and discs
  • Squeaker toys / knotted toys
  • Tug toys
  • Chew toys
  • Floating toys
  • Shed antler retriever trainingtools
  • Dummy toys
  • When you are shopping for toys remember totake your dog’s size and chewing habits into account. Some of the smaller,flimsier toys probably won’t last for more than a few days (or even hours) inthe paws and jaws of a larger dog, so do a little research to find out whichoptions are rated the ‘toughest’.

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