How do I train my dog to go outside alone? Here’s What to Expect

Why Do People Want Their Dogs to Stay Outside?

One of the biggest reasons people want their dogs to stay outside is because they either cannot cope with dog hairs or their dog is not housebroken.

If you have a puppy that is still peeing in the house, you need to be patient because puppies do not have as developed a body structure as adult dogs. They pee more often and are still learning. Housebreaking will take some time.

How Do I Get My Dog To Go Outside By Himself?

How do I train my dog to go outside alone?

There are a couple different ways to guide your pup into going outdoors on their own. The biggest and most effective way to deal with your dog’s fears or anxieties is through desensitization. By allowing your dog to gradually come to terms with anything that might be concerning to it (bees, loud noises, bigger spaces) they can learn to be as comfortable with their outdoor environment as they are with the indoors.

Make sure you know your dog’s stress signals, otherwise you may do more harm than good by overwhelming rather than desensitizing. Arm yourself with their favorite high-value treats and toys, and take time each day towards the desensitization process. Instead of long hours outside by themselves, start with five minutes out of your sight, and build up incrementally from there.

If it is safe to do so, introduce your dog to the reasons behind the strange noises or smells; say hello to the construction workers or to the next-door dog. All the while, continue to reinforce to your dog that they are safe and eventually you will establish the outdoors as a fun, exciting place to be.

How To Get A Scared Dog To Go Outside?

If the reason your dog is refusing to go outside is obviously fear-based, then your job is to identify the source of their fear and condition your dog to overcome it. Never push or scold the dog, as this may teach them to see you as a source of anxiety as well. Above all else, do not flood your dog; to “flood” is to overwhelm them with the fearful situation in the hopes this may cause them to let go of their fear.

Instead, always give your dog exit strategies and ensure they know a lovely reward is theirs if they choose to be brave. Stand with them in the open doorway to the backyard, and keep your energy positive and encouraging. Give them a treat for every step they take independently away from the safety of the house, or for every time they hear a car horn without bolting away. If you ensure you are calm, focused, and positive, you will start to see your efforts bear fruit.

My dog wont stay outside alone! | Majors Academy Dog Training and Rehabilitation

Our dogs are incredibly sensitive, nuanced creatures, but as we share no common language they have very few reliable ways to tell us when something is wrong or when they’re uncertain. Sometimes this means displaying reluctant or even fearful behavior when confronted with a seemingly innocuous task, like going outside to walk or relieve themselves.