How do you bet on a dog track? Find Out Here

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Forecast and tricast

Forecast betting in greyhound racing is where you are required to choose the first and second home in a race in the exact order. For example, a forecast of Trap 1 – Trap 6 requires trap one to win the race and trap six to finish second. A dividend is then returned for a £1 stake and the size of this will depend on the price of the dogs which were first and second. In order to increase your chances of being successful, some people perm their selections into a combination. They may opt for three dogs and cover all combinations for first and second which, in this case, is six bets as per the example below.

Trap 1 x Trap 3 x Trap 6 – 6 x £1 straight forecasts – Total stake = £6

If you want to go a step further in the race, you can place a bet on the tricast which requires you to select the first, second and third in the contest. This is obviously much more difficult, however, if you are lucky enough to do it, you will be well rewarded. Just like in forecast betting, you can perm selections into a combination to make it easier. One way of doing this would be to select four dogs and cover all possible permutations for these dogs finishing first, second and third as per below.

Trap 1 x Trap 2 x Trap 3 x Trap 6 – 24 x £1 straight tricasts – Total stakes = £24

If you’ve mastered the art of win place and show wagers, try an exacta. An exacts is more difficult than win, place and show wagers, but yields a higher payout. You bet an exacta by selecting a minimum two horses to finish first and second. These horses must finish first and second, in that order, for you to win the wager.

WIN: Your selection must finish 1st – The first is a “win” wager. Betting a horse or greyhound to win is just as fun as it sounds – the horse or greyhound must win the race in order for you to win the wager. PLACE: Your selection must finish 1st or 2nd – Next, is a “place” wager. This is betting on a horse or greyhound to finish in the top two. You win the wager if your horse or greyhound finishes first or second.

How to bet on Greyhound Racing