How do you calm down a male dog that’s in heat? Surprising Answer

Getting the Male Dog Neutered

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To calm a male dog when a female dog is in heat, keep the male in a separate room until the female is out of heat. If possible, make sure the rooms are far apart on separate sides of the house, or keep the female inside while the male is outside. Try playing with the dogs separately, and walk the male dog regularly to use up energy, If the male dog continues to act aggressive, look into boarding it in a kennel for the duration of the females heat. For tips on getting your dogs spayed and neutered, scroll down!

  • Cathy Duran “Using Vicks to deter the dog from wanting to be near the female.”
  • How to Calm a Male Dog When a Female is In Heat

    This should be done to prevent unwanted pregnancy. An intact male should never be around a female that is in heat unless you plan on having puppies. The dogs should be separated by something reasonably substantial to keep them apart. A baby gate will usually not work in this instance, even if your dog’s stay behind it most of the time.

    It is best to put your dogs in separate spaces and keep them there until the female’s cycle is over. Switching them between areas may work. However, this increases the odds of them being exposed to each other. The female’s scent will also be spread into a wider area, which will drive the male crazy. Your best bet is to keep them on separate sides of the house, if possible.

    If you can manage it, having a family member take your male dog for the time being is your best option. This is probably the best solution but is understandably not available to everyone.

    Keep your male dog separate from your female during the heat

    An obvious solution to calm a male dog during the heat is to separate both your dogs. However, it is easier said than done.

    Note: as we write this article, we presume you have two dogs. If you have more, everything below applies and you can keep all the males together and all the females together.

    Your best solution is to send one of your dogs away for the time female is in heat. Why? Because if they stay in the same house, they will sense each other. Quite often, sending one of your dogs away may not be possible. In that case, you have to keep your dogs in separate rooms (or parts of the house).

    However, they will still sense each other and somehow you will have to calm both of them down.

    How to Calm a Dog in Heat! Top 5 Tips to Help Your Dog Stay Calm and Happy During Heat Cycle!

    It is not easy to calm a female dog when she is in heat. But things can get even crazier when you have a male dog, as well. He’ll be restless and it may be challenging to calm a male dog during the heat.

    The problem is, during a heat cycle, female dogs produce a scent that attracts males. Upon sensing it, male dogs become mad and think about one thing only and forget all the good manners.

    If that’s not enough, things happen the other way round, too. If a female in heat senses a male nearby, she gets crazy as well. That is, crazier than she was before.

    Your first concern, if you have both male and female dogs in the house, is the unwanted pregnancy.

    So that means you cannot let your dogs stay together. The second concern is that, if you keep them separated, they are going to get loud. Very loud.