How do you clean white dog hair? Here’s What to Expect

Pick up some specialty shampoo for your white pooch

In the same way blonde humans use purple shampoo to combat brassiness and ice out their tone in the shower between color appointments, you can use specialty shampoo to keep your white dog looking nice and bright. The Hydra Whitening Shampoo is a favorite among white pup owners. It contains an optical brightener to take on yellowness in your dog’s fur, but no bleaching agents.Advertisement

Quadruped Pet Care produces the Whitener Brightener Color Enhancing Concentrated Shampoo, which works on all fur colors, but will make white ones extra bright. The company says it eliminates oxidation caused by air-borne pollutants, sun, and other outside factors, and the scent even reactivates when your dog gets wet.

No matter what you use, be sure to follow the directions on the packaging. Let shampoos with optical brighteners sit on the fur for five or so minutes after lathering your dog up, and consider following up with a brightening conditioner after you rinse.

Step 1

The very first step is to wash the pup with a whitening shampoo (like this one). Be careful to avoid getting the shampoo or water in the dog’s eyes while lathering them up. Focus more on areas that have darker stains, while shampooing lighting over areas that are not showing signs of staining.

Lather up the areas such as the muzzle, chest, and tail to allow a protection layer against new stains. Let the shampoo sit on the dog – especially on the dark stains – for two to five minutes, and soak into the hair of the dog for the best results.

Here’s how to prevent fur discoloration—and deal with it when it happens anyway.

Whether you have a cute little Maltese or a fluffy American Eskimo, you know that nothing is more stunning than when your dog’s coat is bright and white. You also know that dogs don’t particularly care that much about aesthetics and are unlikely to be swayed from rolling in dirt on the grounds that it will make their fur dirty.Watch

White dogs require a slightly different kind of upkeep than their brown, black, and multicolored counterparts because dirt shows up more easily on their coats, and their fur can become dingy and discolored. There are a few ways to tackle the issue.

Dog Grooming WHITENING Shampoo (How do you get stains off a white dog) WookiDog Maltese Shih Tzu

Dogs with a white fur coat catch lots of attention. They are stunning, elegant and beautiful as snow, but, they require special and constant care to keep their coat clean and shiny. Failure to do so may make them look dirty.

This is a challenge for lovers of white fur dogs. Depending on the area and the care they receive, the animal will be whiter and cleaner for longer. Food, urine and tears must be treated immediately because they can cause permanent stains. The good news is that dirt does not stain the dogs fur and with a good and constant cleaning treatment the problem will be solved. Read this AnimalWised article where we will give you tips on “how to keep my dogs fur white”. You may also be interested in: