How do you discipline a dog to chase a cat? Get Your Pet Thinking

Experiment With Interaction

Once your puppy has learned its limits, try some off-leash sessions with the cat. Always be sure your feline friend has plenty of hiding places, preferably above the pups reach. Be diligent about preventing chasing or barking. In time, both the puppy and the cat can learn to accept and respect each other, and perhaps even become furry friends.

Method 3 – Use an adjustable lead

If your dog keeps chasing the cat, try keeping your dog on an adjustable-length lead in the house. Make sure the lead is tied to you or is easily accessible. Keep treats on hand.

When your dog looks at the cat, call their attention to you. If they come, give them a treat. Repeat this behaviour each time your dog looks at your cat. The lead will make sure your cat can roam freely without being chased and it will give you better control of your dog should they not obey your commands.

In time, your dog will start looking automatically at you when the cat is in the vicinity. Here, you can lengthen the lead and let your dog roam a bit more. If then the dog chases the cat, take them back on the lead to control them. If they come to you, reward them.

Once your dog shows little to no interest in chasing your cat both when close to you and when on a long lead, allow them to roam freely with the cat.

Remember, lots of treats for good behaviour will help get your point across and stop your dog chasing the cat.

Seek the help of a professional dog trainer: Changing behavior takes time and effort, and a professional can guide you and your dog through the process.

Are your dog and cat fighting like, well, cats and dogs? Here are tips from the GoodDog! Helpline on how to prevent an interspecies war in your household.

Reintroduction: Reintroduce them as if they were new to the household. Encourage calmness and reward him when his attention is on you instead of the cat. If one of them starts to become agitated, separate immediately and reintroduce them with more distance between them at another time.

If your dog already chases the cat, it can be a challenging behavior to change—mostly because it stems from their natural instinct to chase. But it’s not impossible. Here are some tips:

How To Stop Dog Chasing The Cat

Puppies and kittens raised together often get along famously. Even dogs and cats that meet later in life can learn to live together if they are introduced properly. But, between these two species, there is a common catch: Dogs enjoy chasing cats.