How do you get dog urine smell out of vinyl flooring? Let’s Explore

Things to Keep in Mind When Cleaning Vinyl Plank Flooring

Before we get into the step-by-step process, here are a few important precautions to bear in mind. It’s not only the pet urine that can damage your flooring but also the steps that you take to clean it. Hopefully, these precautions will help save your vinyl plank flooring from further harm.

  • Act Fast – Whether your puppy had an accident on your carpet or your wooden flooring, cleaning up as quickly as possible is essential. This prevents leaving odors and staining. Pets also use smell to know where to go to the toilet. By leaving your pet’s waste on your flooring, you’ll be inviting them to revisit the spot to relieve themselves again.
  • Chemical Cleaners – When it comes to vinyl flooring, it pays to be a little picky about the chemical cleaners that you use. To avoid causing damage, choose a brand specifically designed for the type of flooring that you own.
  • Don’t Mix Bleach and Vinegar – Separately, bleach and vinegar are heroes when it comes to cleaning even the toughest stains. It can be easy to think mixing them will make them even better. This isn’t the case, unfortunately. Mixing bleach and vinegar can produce chlorine gas.
  • Steam Mops – Cleaning with steam mops makes cleaning icky messes a breeze, but when it comes to your vinyl flooring, steam is best avoided. Not only can the heat damage the boards, but some steam mops also use chemical solutions to make cleaning easier. Play it safe, and use a brush or a vacuum instead.
  • Warranty – These days, most things come with a warranty, and your vinyl plank flooring is no different. Before you try to clean up spillages, make sure you check the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that you don’t accidentally void the warranty.
  • How to Clean Pet Urine from Vinyl Plank Flooring?

    Pick up the feces while still fresh by using rubber gloves to protect yourself against germs and bacteria.

    Use a paper towel to dry the pet’s urine as much as possible. Ensure you dispose of the paper towels immediately after you have finished blotting up.

    Clear out the space by removing anything from the surface and sweep the space with a broom before you start cleaning.

    Then, apply enzyme cleaner directly on the spot and allow it to sit on the spot for at least 10 minutes to soak and neutralize the smell. We strongly recommend you use enzymatic cleaner because it’s effective in breaking down pet urine molecules to neutralize the odor.

    Vacuum the floor, but do not use a steam mop on the vinyl plank flooring because it will harm it.

    If the pet urine seeps underneath the plank, it would be advisable to take out the planks and underlayment, clean the planks, and sundry them. Then, clean the entire space and let it dry out before installing the new underlayment and putting back the planks in place.

    Scrub and wipe the floor

    The final step is to scrub off the dry paste, and then wipe the floor with clean paper towels soaked in alcohol. The alcohol acts as a disinfectant.

    You get dog urine smell out of vinyl flooring amazon

    So your dog has had an accident and urinated on your vinyl floor and you are looking for ways how to clean up dog urine on vinyl floors.

    So in this article we present two methods you can use to clean up dog urine on vinyl floors: