How do you hydrate a puppy at home? Here’s What to Expect

Add Something Tasty to the Water: Flavored Dog Water Recipes

You may be able to encourage your dog to drink more water by adding something tasty to his bowl to give the water some flavor.

The best things to use are small pieces of fruit or a splash of pure fruit juice.

How do you hydrate a puppy at home?

Strawberry or apple are probably two of the most appealing things to try, but a few watermelon cubes may tempt your pooch too (just avoid grapes or grape juices – they’re toxic to dogs).

Alternatively, you can add a bit of low-sodium chicken broth to your dog’s water dish. This will convince most dogs to drink, and the salt and calories contained in the broth will likely help your dog feel better too.

You needn’t add much broth to your dog’s water – just a splash or two will help make the water more appetizing.

Frozen, water-rich treats can be helpful for getting more water into your pup’s system.

We’re not talking about the yogurt- or peanut-butter-based treats that many owners make (there’s nothing wrong with them, but they don’t have very much water in them).

Instead, we’re talking about things like frozen fruit juices (all-natural, dog-safe, non-sweetened varieties only — never give dogs juices containing grapes or xylitol)

PetSafe’s Chilly Penguin is a can be useful for this – fill up the compartment with fruit juice or broth, pop it in the freezer, and watch your dog lap away!

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  • Just be sure that you always monitor your dog when he’s enjoying frozen treats. You don’t want him to bite the ice cubes, as this can lead to choking or oral injuries.

    Dehydration FAQs: Common Questions About Hydrating Your Hound!

    Dehydration is a serious problem, which often sparksquestions for owners. We’ll try to address some of the most common questionsowners have below.

    Use Different Flavorings in the Dog’s Water

    Another good trick to use is to flavor your dog’s water with something like bone broth or lactose-free milk. You could also use something like green-lipped mussel powder, a supplement that has a smell your dog will love.

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    Water is essential to pets as well as to humans. When your dog becomes ill, he may easily become dehydrated and lethargic. This is a serious health issue for your pup; it is essential that you keep Fido hydrated as you nurse him back to good health. The pawluxury blog offers some simple tips on how to care for a dehydrated sick dog to get him on the road to recovery:

    1. Seek help of a certified vet. If your dog seems too ill or dehydrated, call your vet immediately for emergency assistance.

    2. Hydrate! Place your dog on a strict water diet by hydrating your sick dog every 1/2 hour to an hour. Be persistent if pup is refusing to drink.

    3. Electrolytes Needed! Make your dog a 50/50 mixture of Gatorade & water. Gatorade contains sugar and electrolytes that help your dog’s body hydrate better.

    4. Hydrate with a dropper. You can use a store bought plastic dropper to administer fluid. If your dog cannot suck on the dropper, place the dropper in the corner of her mouth and push it in about 1/2 an inch, squeeze and release the fluid in the back of the throat. Hold your puppy’s head up for a second or two after each squirt to make sure he or she gets all of the fluid.

    5. Chicken & Rice Diet. Stick to a very simple diet of rice that has been really saturated with chicken or beef broth. Regular food could cause your pup to develop diarrhea and become even more dehydrated.

    1. Ice is not only a nice cool, fun & delicious treat for your dog it is also a great way to hydrate your sick pup. So get out your ice trays!

    2. If Fido is not a big fan of ice cubes, then you can substitute frozen chicken stock ice cubes in place of water.