How do you know if your dog is trying to protect you? The Ultimate Guide

What Are the Signs that my Dog’s Being Possessive?

Some growls are playful. The body language of a playful dog usually is relaxed. His tongue may loll out of his mouth.

His face wouldn’t show tension, such as a wrinkles or a furrowed brow (unless that’s his usual facial expression, like in a Chow Chow or a Shar Pei).

He may do a play bow where his front end bows down and his rear end remains upright. Dogs who want to play may do this as their body wriggles back and forth enticing you: “Let’s Play!”

They may even let out a higher-pitched growl to indicate happiness and excitement.

But this play-with-me body language and sound are quite different from a dog who is being protective or guarding you.

Look for the following signs to determine whether your canine buddy isn’t playing, but instead being possessive of his owner (you).

The Dog Continually Cuddles Up to Its Keeper

One of the most obvious signs of attachment between a dog and the keeper is snuggling. Dogs that tend to reach out to their keeper during the day for gentle touches or snuggling usually means that they feel a strong bond.

Snuggling mimics maternal attachment between the dog and its original mom, so its common for a dog to do this with people its closest to.

#12: They try to be as close as possible

Do you have a pooch that just won’t leave your sight?

One can easily think that they’re just being clingy.

And maybe your dog really is feeling this way.

After all, they love you and want to be around you most of the time.

They might even try and go in with you when you go to the bathroom.

But don’t worry if your pooch is trying to get very close to you.

This is pretty normal behavior in dogs.

However, another reason why they do this, is because they’re protecting you.

Kind of a weird way of doing it, but it also makes sense.

I mean, it would be easier for them to fend off attackers if they are present.

Here are some ways they’d try to get close to you:

As long as there won’t be any health and injury risk while your pooch does these, it’s okay.

How to Test if Your Dog Will Wimp Out During a Burglary

Though they cant put their love into words, dogs have an unexpectedly large repertoire of ways to show they care.

From subtle body language to over-the-top displays of affection, your pooch is probably showering you with devotion in plenty of surprising ways.