How do you leave a puppy for the first time? A Comprehensive Guide

# Provide Plenty of Food and Water

Before you leave, you need to make sure that all of your dog’s basic needs are being met. Fill up their water bowl so that they can stay hydrated while you’re gone.

How do you leave a puppy for the first time?

You should also consider their dietary needs. At this point, you should already have some kind of feeding schedule established. If you don’t, consult with your vet.

It’s crucial that you stick to a feeding schedule before you start leaving your dog alone. While some owners prefer to free-feed their young pups, it’s not recommended.

Puppies are voracious eaters who will consume beyond their needs. Eating is also very comfortable for them. If they have a constant supply of food at their disposal when you’re gone, they may end up eating way too much kibble.

This can ultimately lead to weight gain and a slew of health issues. If you’re planning on leaving your pup home alone for the first time, make sure that it’s not during a time when they typically eat.

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Create a Calming Atmosphere

It’s not uncommon for dogs to get upset when their owners leave home. If you worry that your puppy will respond poorly to your absence, there are several little things you can do to ease their stress and help them stay calm while you’re at work. One way you can put your puppy’s mind at ease is by placing an unwashed t-shirt, a blanket, or another item with your scent on it in their crate. Your familiar scent will continue to provide comfort to your pet long after you’ve shut the door and left for work.

You can also try dog-appeasing pheromones (DAPs), calming supplements like L-Theanine (always consult with your vet first), and soothing instrumental music to put your pup at ease. Every dog is different, so keep experimenting until you find something that puts your pup at ease.

Note: If your dog has debilitating separation anxiety, enlist the help of a professional trainer.

Tips for Leaving a PUPPY Home ALONE (Puppy Training)

While most puppy owners would love nothing more than to spend every moment with their new canine companion, it’s not always possible. There’s going to a time when you must leave your new pup behind. It can be very daunting to leave a young puppy alone for the first time.

A puppy is like a child in the sense that they don’t really know what’s right or what’s wrong. They don’t know how to behave by themselves just yet. Most of their life has been spent with other dogs and humans.

Canines are social creatures. They thrive when they’re a part of a pack. When that pack is suddenly gone, most young dogs don’t even know what to do with themselves.

They quickly start to develop feelings of anxiety and stress. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of behavioral problems that you’re not there to deal with.

If your furry friend isn’t completely housebroken yet, you may also have to worry about accidents and messes.

Despite all the unknowns, it’s important that you take that first step. Your puppy has to learn to be independent. Those first few hours by themselves is going to be a learning experience for both of you.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to make the experience less stressful for both you and your puppy. Here are some tips that can help prevent issues when you leave your pup alone.