How do you start showing dogs? Simple and Effective Tips

You Think You’re Ready?

If you already have a puppy, you can take her to a show breeder or a show dog trainer to make sure she doesn’t have any faults before you spend the money to get the show dog trained, groomed or entered in dog shows to start competing.

If you decide to buy a puppy from a show breeder, be careful.

The thing with show breeders is that there may be some hidden conditions when you adopt. Some breeders make you sign a contract that gives them the right to take back the dog if you do not show her, for example.

A show breeder could also ask for co-ownership, which means that you share the dog with them. Most of the time it is so the dog can still be part of the breeding stock. Also, a breeder may not let you buy a show bred dog if you are not going to show it, so just keep that in mind when finding a show breeder. Read the contract carefully.

Just for reference, heres what a Westminster show dog competition looks like:

Watch Out and Observe

In most shows today, exhibitors are free to leave after their dog was judged.

Many handlers or owners do that they didnt turn out victorious.

But, observing other professional handlers or entries and watching other breeds being judged can help you take notes for your future competitions.

So, if possible, pay attention to them, especially by how handlers put their hands on their fidos.

Watch where and how they stand in the ring and when their dog takes a rest or makes a move.

Doing so can hone your conformation show skills and your dogs as well.

How Show Dogs Earn Championships

Show dogs achieve a championship title by earning 15 points. But its not a piece of cake to gain these points.

Your pup will earn one to five points through winning. 1 to 2 point wins are called “singles,” while 3 to 5 points are regarded as “major” wins.

But heres the catch. For your dog to become a champion, he has to have at least 2 “majors.”

Its a rule in a dog show that prevents “mediocre” dogs from choosing to compete in small shows for easy wins.

Champion show dogs will earn the right to use the letter “Ch” in front of their registered name to indicate they are champions.

A champion dog can keep on participating in dog shows, but classes are not necessary anymore. All your fido need is to compete for the best of breed level.

Grand champion shows now where champion show dogs can compete, but it takes 25 points with three major wins to earn the majestic title.

Those who will turn out victorious in this level of dog show can use the “Gch” in front of their name to indicate their prestigious victory.

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