How do you teach a dog German commands? Simple and Effective Tips

The Advantages of Training Your Dog German Commands

There are several advantages that come from training your dog German commands. The most obvious is that if your household is English-speaking, your dog is unlikely to get confused when listening to common conversations. For instance, many dog owners in the U.S. choose to use the word “okay” to release their dogs from a stay. The biggest drawback with this is that, since the word “okay” is so commonly used in conversation, a dog may get confused and prematurely release while performing an obedience command.

With German commands, this is very unlikely to happen! These commands can, therefore, be extremely useful in busy areas where there are other people giving out commands in English like at dog events. Of course, this wont be the case if you are participating in a Schutzhund event where most dogs are trained in German!


My dog likes to chew the hose pipe whenever I leave it on the lawn.

Sometimes I don’t mind, but when I do I just say nein, and it stops doing that.

This command is one of those that you must absolutely know, because dogs are in the habit of doing something we don’t like every now and then.

Besides, it’s really easy to master as it’s just like the English no.

My grandfather used to have a ranch.

He would ride across it on his horse, and when he needed it to stop he would shout the word halt instead of pulling at the bridle.

It became a family thing, and now you will find us saying halt to each other a lot.

This is also a German command for dog training and you should use it when you want your dog to stop.

Most people however prefer using the word stopp, so whichever you prefer, just make sure your dog understands it.

Transitioning From English to German Takes Some Patience

Things can be more complicated if you have been training your dog in English and now you want to switch over to using German commands exclusively. Your dog likely responds fluently to English commands, and now theyll have to understand German. The good news is that there is a distinct process to rely on in order to switch your dog over successfully, but it is not very difficult to master. In order to succeed, you will have to follow this process carefully. If you follow these guidelines, your dog will soon assimilate to the new commands and respond promptly.

Normally, I refrain from using the term “command” for dog training because it implies issuing an order with a potential threat of something unpleasant happening as a consequence of disobedience. In recent years, I have switched over to the term “cue.” For this article, however, I am making an exception and using the word “command” for clarity. Always make sure that your dogs training is fun and that your dog complies with your training because of happy consequences—like access to the things he or she enjoys.

Your dog wont confuse commands for conversation in your primary language.

German Dog Training Commands – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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