How do you train a Bedlington puppy? The Ultimate Guide

Bedlington Terriers

If you want to train your dog, you should start by understanding how this breed is bred. Bedlington terriers are intelligent, lively, and prone to learning new tricks. Nonetheless, training a Bedlington can be challenging. These tips will help you make your dog a great addition to your home. So keep reading to learn more about this breed. And as a bonus, they’ll make great pets!

The best way to train a Bedlington is to use positive reinforcement. This method involves rewarding your dog whenever it performs a desired behavior. These rewards can be food, praise, or even physical affection. If you fail to reward your dog, it will be less likely to follow the desired behavior. Ultimately, you don’t want your dog to associate your undesirable behavior with positive reinforcement. If you want to train a Bedlington terrier, here are some tips:

A Bedlington needs exercise at least one hour per day. Make sure to take your dog for daily walks and engage in varied training sessions. They also need plenty of free time in a safe, enclosed garden. Agility is a great activity for this breed of dog, as they are quick learners and do well at this type of exercise. Regardless of your lifestyle, training them to be active and healthy is important.

As a Bedlington Terrier owner you have countless options. You could choose to train the Bedlington Terrier on your own or enlist at a high quality training school. Training a Bedlington Terrier has many stages: kindergarten, behavior training, dog sports, showing and conformation, along with other aspects like therapy dogs, hearing dogs, and more. What level you choose to coach depends on you in addition to the brainpower of your Bedlington Terrier. As you are aware, different dogs, like humans, have varied talents. Choose well and both you and your Bedlington Terrier pup will have fun times together. Don’t forget to check out these other articles about Bedlington Terriers.

We all hope for training the perfect Bedlington Terrier, a puppy that is a CGC or canine good citizen and is well behaved and dependable at all times. Well dreams do come true if the teaching is done with kindness and dedication. Never forget pups learn from day one and want to be advised what is correct, what is wrong, and correct socialization. Pups act like children, they require frequent guidance and instruction. Training a pup need not be a nightmare, all you want to remember are a few simple rules:

The “No” trick:

This trick is very simple but it can be difficult for the dog to master. To train this trick, say “no” when you want the dog to stop doing something. You can use a hand gesture or say “no” out loud if you want your puppy to get the message easier. When your pup starts doing what you don’t want him to do, say “no” and then give them a treat.

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