How do you train a dog with a dog whistle? Here’s the Answer

Single Whistle Blast

Provided your dog has his verbal commands nailed down, you can start with a one-blast whistle command. This is a command that tells him to sit down on land and await another command, or if he is in the water, to stop and look to you for direction.

To teach this, start in your yard with the dog on a leash. Give the verbal sit command, and if necessary tug up on the leash, and then immediately blow the whistle once. Your dog will soon understand that the verbal command for sit and the whistle blast signal he needs to plant his butt on the ground. The next step is to use a longer check cord so your dog has some room to roam away from your side. Give him the verbal sit command but do not let the dog run toward you. If he does, run toward the dog and make him sit. Eventually hell learn that he is to sit down immediately wherever he is and look to you for the next command.

Its important that when youre conducting this drill you dont immediately release the dog from his sit. Always wait at least a few seconds before giving a release command. This is the first step to handling long-range hand signals and blind retrieves.

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Resilient Built

Whistles come in various types like wood, plastic, and metal. A metal whistle is of the highest quality among all other types.

You must go with the durable one and can resist day-to-day wear and tear.

Train your dog to come with a whistle