How do you travel long distance with a new puppy? A Comprehensive Guide

Turn your new puppy into an excellent travel companion.

You’ve got a new pup and you can’t wait to show them the world. We know the feeling! But before you start planning that amazing road trip together (or even getting ready to drive to the vet’s), you have to remember that a car can be a very strange thing to a puppy. The closed space, the car movement and even the engine sound can trigger alarm bells for a puppy not used to travelling. But there are a few things you can do to make car trips easier to bear for your pup. Who knows, maybe they will even start looking forward to them! Here are the basics of car travelling for puppies.

Never drive too fast

You’re not competing in a Formula 1 race. With your puppy, you should pay attention to your speed. Don’t be rash or super speedy. This is especially applicable for pet parents who are traveling with an 8-week old puppy. Maintain an average speed of your car and take breaks between your journey.

How do you travel long distance with a new puppy?

My puppy gets sick in the car, what can I do to help?

Most puppies will experience a little motion sickness when first riding in a car. They usually grow out of it. Take your puppy out for short trips to get them used to the car, before going on longer journeys. Gradual exposure is key. Puppies are also far more likely to experience motion sickness on a full belly, so if you are planning a road trip, hold out on feeding your puppy 2-3 hours before your trip. Ensure you give them a chance to go to the toilet before you set off, as your puppy will be much more relaxed with an empty bladder. If motion sickness persists, you can always as your vet for advice.

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