How do you treat a hematoma in a dog’s ear naturally? Here’s What to Expect

Conventional Treatments For Ear Hematomas

If your dog has an ear hematoma, most conventional vets will recommend surgery. The vet will drain the hematoma and remove any clots by making an incision in the hematoma. She’ll then suture the ear in multiple places to reattach the skin and cartilage. This will help prevent disfiguration while the ear heals.

The vet may also insert a drain before suturing so that any new fluid build-up can be easily drained. This procedure is invasive and your dog needs to be under sedation.

Other conventional options may include …

  • Aspiration using a syringe. This will remove the fluids, but usually only provides short-term relief.
  • A teat cannula (or similar drain) placement. This will make it easy for you to drain the hematoma until it properly heals. Disfiguration may still be a risk.
  • A vacutainer, which creates a vacuum. This removes the blood and keeps the skin and cartilage close together to improve healing and reduce disfiguration. But you’ll have to change the drain as it fills up.
  • These options are less invasive than surgery and don’t need anesthesia. But there are more natural options that may be worth trying first.

    What Happens If A Hematoma Is Left Untreated?

    If you leave a hematoma to its own devices, the blood will eventually reabsorb. This can happen in as little as 10 days for smaller hematomas. But larger hematomas can take weeks or even months to reabsorb. And there’s a risk that scar tissue will cause permanent disfiguration that creates cauliflower ear. This is when the skin takes on the look of a cauliflower floret.

    Whether this disfiguration is problematic depends on the location of the hematoma.

    Put an e- collar on your dog:

    E- Collars or Elizabethan collars work by keeping your dog from scratching at his head. The cone-shaped shield creates a barrier, preventing your dog from scratching his ears. Keep the e-collar on until you see the vet. You can purchase an e- collar from your veterinarian or a local pet supply store.

    It is best to have your veterinarian help you fit your dog’s e-collar. However, if you need to fit it yourself, there are a few rules you can follow.

    Follow these steps for a perfect fit:

    How do you treat a hematoma in a dog’s ear naturally?

  • Bring your dog to the pet store or vet’s office and ask them if you can test an e-collar out.
  • Purchase an e-collar that extends just past your dog’s nose.
  • When you secure the e-collar, make sure there is a two-finger width space between your dog’s neck and the e-collar.
  • Ensure the collar isn’t too long, as it will be difficult for your dog to eat and drink.
  • Make sure the plastic base of the e-collar (around the neck) isn’t digging into the skin.

    Is your dog shaking their head excessively? Is their ear red and swollen? Well, they may be suffering from an ear hematoma. But what is that exactly? Keep reading to learn more about this painful condition and how to treat it!