How do you wash a dog that doesn’t like water? Here’s What to Do Next

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  • Marie Lin. Licensed Pet Groomer. Expert Interview. 2 November 2020.
  • Marie Lin. Licensed Pet Groomer. Expert Interview. 2 November 2020.
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    Before you bathe your dog, take it for a long walk so it gets rid of pent up energy and is more relaxed in the bath. Once youre ready to bathe your dog, run the bath before calling your dog so the running water doesnt scare it. Then, put some of your dogs toys in the tub and place some towels on the floor around it. Next, encourage your dog to come to the bathing area by carrying a bag of treats. When you get your dog to the tub, show it that its toys are there so it associates the bath with fun. For tips on how to encourage your dog to relax while bathing, including why serving it meals in the bathing area could help, read on!

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  • Wash Your Dog in A Tub

    Avoid washing your dog on the ground. It will be a lot easier to control an anxious pup inside a closed tub. Also, a nice warm bath is much more comforting than a stream of water coming out of a hose.

    Tubs are also preferable to dog pools, which don’t really work as effectively in this case.

    Clubs Offering:

    Some dogs loathe baths, making it challenging and time-consuming to get them clean. Bathing a dog too frequently can remove valuable oils from the skin and coat, causing dryness and irritation and reducing defenses against bacteria. Thankfully, there are ways to keep your furry friend fresh in-between baths.

    How to BATHE a DOG Who HATES WATER (Tips)

    If you’ve ever tried to bathe a dog that’s scared of water, then you’ll understand how exasperating an experience it can be. Obviously, you’d never let any harm come to your pup, and yet, some dogs react to baths as if they were instruments of torture. If bath time is a nightmare for both you and your dog, use the following tips to teach your dog that there is nothing to fear and turn bath time into a walk in the park.