How expensive is it to feed your dog raw food? The Ultimate Guide

Commercial raw dog food – about $210 per month

The prices of commercial raw dog food brands vary quite a bit from store to store, state to state, etc. I did my best to take the average prices, so don’t freak out if you find a certain brand for a lot more or a lot less. I also did not include any shipping costs if you plan to order online.

Stella & Chewy’s – Chewy’s chicken frozen dinner$26.99 per 6-pound bag $6.75 per day or $202 per month

Primal – canine chicken formula$34.99 per 8-pound bag $6.60 per day or $198 per month

Nature’s Variety Instinct – organic chicken formula$29.99 per 6-pound bag $7.50 per day or $225 per month

You can get 10 pounds of raw food from Darwin’s for just $14.95 and delivered right to your door! No code required. Click here.

Homemade raw dog food – about $120 per month

There is a ton of flexibility here depending on what you want to feed your dog. If you want to spend significantly less on homemade raw dog food, you really need to buy directly from a butcher or buy in bulk.

You can easily cut your costs for meat in half by shopping this way. For those of you who feed homemade raw dog food, I would love to hear your money-saving tips!

You’ll also want to consider my ebook 10 Easy Raw Dog Food Recipes. It is available here for $9 and includes a guide to raw feeding to get you started.

How much will it cost to feed my dog?

Before we get into the numbers – it’s important to understand that the cost of feeding a dog is highly dependent on your dog. There are many factors that influence how much your dog will eat – weight, age (puppy, adult, senior), activity level (couch potato, sled dog), individual metabolism, and some breeds are just more prone to weight gain than others.

If you are unsure of exactly how much you should feed your dog – check out my detailed blog post where I discuss all these factors and how to calculate your dog’s estimated caloric needs.

Given that there are so many factors that influence the price of feeding a dog, I figured the best way to compare different dog food brands and recipes was by looking at a medium-sized dog (50 lbs), with average activity, fed 1000 calories per day. This way if you know your dog’s own caloric needs you could estimate the cost of feeding your own dog.

How I Feed My Dog a Raw Food Diet | Way easier and cheaper than you think!

Raw diets for dogs have so many benefits including better digestion and improved gut bacteria (1). However, feeding raw can be costly. There are SO many raw foods on the market, and it can be confusing to figure out how much it will cost each month. In this article, I am going to break down the monthly cost of feeding a raw diet to your dog, based off of my favorite brands.