How Fast Are Fanta Dogs

At 70 miles per hour (113 kilometers per hour), cheetahs are the world’s fastest cat and the world’s fastest land mammal, so the world’s fastest dog, a greyhound clocked at speeds up to 45 mph (72 km/h), probably won’t be catching a cheetah in a sprint.

What does a greyhound look like when it runs and how does its form compare with a cheetah? Watch Simon Lewis and Sam Hume film this BBC Earth footage from the back of a truck racing the greyhound on a wide-open green. Their speed: Around 43 mph (69 km/h).

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Believe it or not, a Greyhound named Fanta was once clocked at an astonishing 50.5 mph. Most dogs from this breed will have no problem reaching speeds of 45 miles per hour or faster.

Top 10 Fastest Dog Breeds in the World Ranked

Dog Breed Top Speed (mph) Weight (lbs) Height (in)
Greyhound 45 57 – 88 27 – 30
Saluki 42 40 – 60 23 – 28
Afghan Hound 40 44 – 60 24 – 29
Vizsla 40 40 – 66 21 – 25
Ibizan Hound 40 45 – 65 24 – 28
Dalmatian 37 45 – 70 19 – 24
Borzoi 36 60 – 105 27 – 33
Pharaoh Hound 35 40 – 60 21 – 25
Weimaraner 35 55 – 88 23 – 26
Whippet 35 25 – 40 18 – 22

The Fastest Greyhound – Corrib Plate Winner 2019

  • Basset Hound. When you look at the Basset Hound, you definitely do not see speed. …
  • Clumber Spaniel. At only 20 inches high, this canine is still 55 – 85 pounds. …
  • Chow Chow. …
  • Newfoundland. …
  • Chinese Shar-Pei. …
  • Saint Bernard. …
  • Old English Mastiff. …
  • Bullmastiff.
  • Dalmatian Speed: 37 mph

    How Fast Are Fanta Dogs

    One of the most recognizable breeds, Dalmatians have achieved an iconic status in popular culture.

    In movies and TVs, this adorable breed has held its own.

    But despite their star persona, Dalmatians are good family dogs with boundless energy and loyal to their owners.

    The Dalmatian’s speed of 37 miles per hour may turn those familiar spots into a blur.

    Fun Fact: For a long time, Dalmatians were known as “Carriage Dogs”. This led to their prevalent association with being the official dogs of firehouses!

    Back in the day, Dalmatians would run alongside fire wagons, keeping the path clear.

    Their speed came in handy, as they needed to outpace the horses and the has stuck ever since!


    Are Whippets the fastest dogs?

    There’s no surprise that the Greyhound tops the list of fastest dogs. The were originally bred to chase hares, foxes, and deer. Greyhound racing further refined the breed into the fastest dog on earth.

    Which dogs can run very fast?

    Greyhound vs Whippet speed

    Whippets and Salukis,, sometimes known as the Arabian Greyhound are also very fast with Whippets reaching speeds of 35 miles per hour. Greyhounds may be the fastest breed but Whippets are the fastest accelerating dog in the world.