How fast do probiotics work in dogs? Expert Advice

How long does it take for probiotics to help my dog with diarrhoea?

This depends on the underlying cause of your pet’s diarrhoea. You would normally expect to see an improvement within a few days, even if the diarrhoea is not fully resolved by then. If the diarrhoea has not improved, is becoming worse, or your pet is showing other symptoms, you should get back in touch with the vet for advice.

What types of probiotics should I give my dog?

Probiotics for dogs come in many forms, just as they do for humans. Some healthy bacteria come in the form of pills or chews, others in the form of probiotic powders or pastes, and others still, like Bernie’s Perfect Poop, are bits and pieces. We prefer bits because they’re delicious AND they’re not messy!

There are several hundred different types of dogs’ probiotics. That’s a good thing since there’s such diversity in human and dog guts across this world.

But they’re not all created equally, or will offer the same benefits to your dogs. While some probiotics work, other just don’t. Too often, probiotic strains are not stable enough to withstand the high heat process used when formulating for dry dog food or supplements. Many live bacteria won’t even make it through your dog’s harsh stomach acids to grow and thrive in his intestines, so you waste pretty good money with no intestinal benefits. Many dog owners don’t know that probiotics for dogs need to be hardy and spore-forming, and that’s just what we use in Bernie’s Perfect Poop! Before you purchase probiotics, make sure you know what are the best probiotic supplements for your dog’s digestive tract and a healthy immune system.

Bacillus coagulans and Bacillus Subtilis are the prime choices for dogs. They are clinically proven to increase gut flora and support the immune response in animals and they’re hardy, spore-forming strains that make it through your dog’s digestive system. They’ve also been shown to help reduce antibiotic-induced dysbosis (yucky tummy due to antibiotics) and they’re a great choice for keeping your dog’s digestive health in check.

Will my dog like the taste of the probiotics on the dog food?

The best probiotics for dogs are powders. These powders should not have unneccessary ingredients, neither should there be any flavor or fillers, making the serving size tiny. If youre serving up a pure probiotic powder, it is likely that your dog will not even detect the probiotics on the food.

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