How long do dogs need to rest after being neutered? Here’s What to Do Next

Neuter Surgery Recovery Period: What To Expect

Most dogs are discharged the same day as their surgery, barring any complications. When you pick up your pet, you can expect the surgery site to be fully shaved, with a small incision in front of the scrotum. The area will appear pink or mildly red and may bleed slightly. Depending on your veterinarian’s surgical technique, you may be able to see sutures or staples, but this is not always the case. Some clinicians prefer an intradermal closure in which absorbable suture is placed under the skin.

Due to the anesthesia, your dog may be tired or appear drowsy in the 24 hours following surgery. Prepare a quiet, comfortable place for your pet to rest before bringing him home and close off areas that may be hazardous such as stairs. If your dog appears unusually sluggish or if you can’t rouse them easily, contact Penny Paws Animal Clinic or your closest veterinary emergency center for specific advice.

Stick to your pet’s regular diet

Most dogs will regain their appetite within a day after surgery. Offer your dog a small meal—about half of their standard serving size—the evening of your pet’s surgery. You may resume regular feedings the next day, if your pet isn’t showing signs of gastrointestinal upset. Always keep plenty of fresh water readily available.

Avoid changing your dog’s diet during this period, and refrain from giving them table scraps or any other “people food” that might cause irritation or mimic postoperative complications. While every dog’s reaction to surgery is different, vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal signs are not normal, so contact us immediately if these signs occur.

Will my dog need to wear a buster collar after surgery?

This depends on how much they lick at the wound. We like to keep licking at a minimum to prevent post-operative infections. There are other options available to the traditional plastic collar such as medical shirts and inflatable collars

Caring for your dog after Neutering them? | 5 Tips – Veterinarian approved

Following spay/neuter surgery, your pet will require time and a little extra attention to ensure their body properly heals. The following aftercare instructions provide guidelines for the next several days of your pets recovery, as well as what to expect and potential red flags.

If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed here, please call AHS Vet Centers at 763-489-7729. Video URL

Do not allow your pet to lick or chew their incision. Licking can lead to serious complications like the incision opening or becoming infected. This can be painful and may require follow-up visits which could result in unexpected costs.