How long do pitbull puppies teeth for? The Ultimate Guide

Tips on Surviving the Puppy Teething Phase

If you’ve determined that your pitbull is teething, you can make things easier by helping him through this stage. Below are some tips on how to help your teething puppy.

Rope toys, songs, and hard plastic toys will help to get your puppy through this painful stage.

However, if you notice that your furry friend prefers soft toys, ensure that you have them at all times. You can find them in the form of chewy toys, but note that not all of them are ideal for your pitbull. Make sure that these toys are used under supervision as the puppy can swallow some small chunks.

A cold treat will help ease the swelling and pain of teething gums. There are some chewy toys like Pet Qwerks Dinosaur Backbone Chew Toy that can be frozen; this helps to soothe the aching gums and teeth. You can also make a homemade cold chew.

While you may be excited to start brushing your pet’s teeth, you should hold on as you don’t want the pitbull associating brushing with discomfort. Nevertheless, you can start familiarizing him with dental care by giving your pup a gum massage.

All you need is to wrap gauze around your finger and dip it into a toothpaste. Start cleaning the teeth slowly and massage the gum to relieve the pet’s pain. You can later on get a dental kid for puppies like the Arm &Hammer Health Kit for Dogs.

Pitbull puppies are heavy chewers, and you may be shocked to find holes in your cushions and other items. Ensure that you cover all cords, install baby gates, and supervise any outings near furniture.

4 Ways To Recognize If Your Pitbull Is Teething

Chewing is typically the most common sign of your Pitbull teething.

It can also be one of the most stressful behaviors a Pitbull will display during the teething phase.

A Pitbull will literally chew on anything during the teething phase.

This may be your couch; this may be your sweatpants, it may even be your fingers or toes.

I will cover ways to help your Pitbull chew on the correct items in the future (more on this later).

When your Pitbull starts getting into his nippy and chew frenzy stage, you can almost bank on the fact that they are in the teething stage.

It is time for you to step in and start providing some guidance, comfort, and help with your new puppy.

Do not Forget To Take Care of Your Pitbull’s Adult Teeth As Well

Something we often forget as dog owners is that we also need to take care of our Pitbull’s teeth even after the teething process is over.

The best way to do this is to always ensure you are providing a healthy and balanced diet.

Additionally, avoid providing your Pitbull with foods they should not have.

And, if you want to really take it up a notch, consider brushing your Pitbull’s teeth from time to time to make sure those 42 new adult Pitbull teeth stay white, healthy, and strong.

Teaching Your Pit Bull Puppy His Teeth Hurt You!

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting experience. If you haven’t adopted a Pitbull puppy before, there’s so much to learn for you.

Getting baby teeth, losing baby teeth, getting adult teeth, etc. are the same for almost all dogs. Knowing what age your Pitbull puppy starts losing teeth will allow you to take care of your canine better way.

Pitbull puppies start losing their teeth at around 4-6 months of age. When the Pitbull becomes more than 6 months old, all his baby teeth fall out and adult teeth grow in.

In some cases, baby teeth are still in the mouth of the puppy. This is called retained teeth. This condition is seen mostly in small dog breeds. As the Pitbull is a medium dog breed, it is rare that it can have retained teeth.

Most of the time, baby teeth eventually fall out. But sometimes, you may find a need to contact a veterinarian.

When your canine starts losing his teeth at the age of around 4 months, the chances are you may not find the tooth, as dogs tend to swallow them.

Your puppy is teething when he starts putting everything in his mouth. You will notice that your Pitbull puppy started chewing excessively. It is advisable to get some toys for the puppy so that you can avoid him from chewing random things.

Not giving something to chew can lead to getting chewed something important like your shoe, bed, etc.

You must not pull out the teeth on your own. As we have said, when the Pitbull becomes more than 6 months, all teeth will fall out. If you find retained teeth, get in touch with your veterinarian.

Teeth brushing is an important part of dog care. With regular oral care, your puppy will have less need for veterinary teeth cleanings.

Initially, you can maintain the oral hygiene of your Pitbull puppy by scrubbing the teeth with a finger brush. Then, you can start using a toothbrush and toothpaste. Before buying a toothbrush for your canine, make sure it is soft and built for dogs.