How much children’s ibuprofen can I give my dog? A Step-by-Step Guide

What to do if your dog accidentally takes ibuprofen

If your dog accidentally ingests ibuprofen, you should follow these steps:

  • Contact your veterinarian immediately — depending on your dogs age, health conditions, and other factors, your vet may be able to determine the best course of action.
  • If your vet is unavailable, call Animal Poison Control at (888)-426-4435 or visit the website at They may be able to give you instructions on what type of care your dog needs.
  • Your vet or poison control may tell you to induce vomiting in your dog, depending on when they took the medication. “If the ingestion is not noticed within 30-40 minutes of the pet swallowing the medication, it may be too late to induce vomiting,” Arndt says.

    “Dont wait for symptoms before you contact your veterinarian, as quick treatment of an overdose is important,” Meindl says.

    Chewables and Caplets Dosage:

    How much children’s ibuprofen can I give my dog?

    If you miss a dose, you can still give your dog the medication unless it is almost time to provide them with another dose. In this case, it is dangerous to give two doses at the same time, so skip the missed dose. Then, continue with the regular dosing schedule.

    How much children’s ibuprofen can I give my dog?

    Before you use any medication, it is not a bad idea to know a little about it, what it is used for, and its side effects; that way, you can know what you are giving to your dog.

    Knowing the medication allows you to open up a discussion with your vet, giving you the opportunity to ask what the best option for your dog is!

    Carprofen, whose brand name is Rimadyl, is a dog-safe Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) that is typically prescribed to treat:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Post-Operative Pain and Inflammation
  • This medication is given orally, and it is recommended that you give it with food, although it is not necessary. But giving it with food decreases the chance that your dog will get sick and throw up.

    In the United States, carprofen is only FDA-approved for dogs. When it is used for animals such as cats and other small mammals, it is considered off-label or extra-label. Do not give the medication to any other animals you have in the house unless prescribed by a veterinarian.

    Generally, carprofen should be stored at room temperature, which is about 59°F to 86°F. Store it at these temperatures unless otherwise noted.

    Ibuprofen and naproxen are both classified as NSAIDs, used in human medicine for various purposes including inflammation, pain and fever. These products are a common source of pet intoxication because well-meaning owners will give them to pets to treat ailments. Common products containing ibuprofen are Advil and Motrin, while Naproxen can be found in Aleve.

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