How much did Beethoven the dog weigh? Find Out Here

How many Beethoven dogs were there?

The part of Missy was divided between three St. Bernards, and Beethoven was played by two dogs. In addition to the real dogs, a full mechanical dog was used, and at times a man in a St. Bernard suit was also used.

Is there a Beethoven 2 movie?

He was 12 when he died, which is actually longer than a lot of St Bernards live to be.

What dog breed is Beethoven in the movies?

The dog breed playing Beethoven is a Saint Bernard. This dog breed is a large mountain dog with a muscular body and a massive, broad head. Depending on its variety, it is either long-haired or short-haired (a rarer variety). The coat can be smooth or slightly wavy, but always white with large reddish-brown patches on the back and flanks. The eyes of the St. Bernard are very expressive and are surrounded by black, which covers the face down to the bottom of the cheeks, except for the muzzle. The St. Bernard can also be recognised by the thick and marked folds on its head. The heavy, long and drooping tail is very recognisable.

The St. Bernard is a gentle, intelligent, devoted and non-aggressive dog. It is a dog that loves to play with children. Faithful and affectionate, the St. Bernard is also a very good pet for elderly people who are still active. His gentle nature does not prevent him from being stubborn. He is particularly attached to the place where he lives and will do anything to defend it making him a great guard dog. The St. Bernard is also known for its rescue qualities, which are based on its highly developed instinct, sense of smell and hearing. It cannot help but come to the aid of a person it thinks is in trouble. Find out all you need to know about the

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