How much do dog vaccinations cost UK? Surprising Answer

The cost of annual dog booster vaccinations in Britain

In Britain, we found that the average cost for an annual booster for dogs is £47. That price doesn’t include the kennel cough vaccination. With kennel cough included, the average cost of a booster is £64.

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How much do dog vaccinations cost UK?

Puppies are vaccinated once when they’re aged between eight and 10 weeks old and again two to four weeks later.

According to the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA), the core vaccines a puppy should get are canine distemper (CDV), parvovirus (CPV), infectious canine hepatitis (CAV), and leptospirosis.

Kennel cough, which is an upper respiratory infection in dogs similar to a human cold, is not a core vaccine. Its recommended for dogs that spend a lot of time with other dogs, for example in kennels.

The cost of puppy vaccinations (first and second round of vaccinations)

In Britain, we found that the average cost of the primary puppy vaccination package (including both sets of injections) is £68. Most vets didnt offer the kennel cough vaccine as part of this package. If kennel cough is included in the package, the average cost is £78.

While most clinics we asked charged extra for the kennel cough vaccine as it wasn’t a core disease, some clinics offered a discounted rate for the kennel cough vaccine when done at the same time as another vaccine – so it’s worth asking your vet about any discounts if your dog is having a kennel cough vaccine done.

Your dog needs annual boosters of vaccinations against common diseases to keep them healthy as they grow up. The booster vaccine against leptospirosis should be given annually.

Other vaccinations might only be given every one-three years, depending on the level of risk, which your vet will advise on.

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