How much does a dog bleed when in heat? A Step-by-Step Guide

Do Dogs Bleed For 3 Weeks?

A dog in heat bleeding for 3 weeks or more is rare and after 2 weeks are over, you should consult a veterinarian to rule out medical issues.

Heat cycles are only around 14-21 days total and dogs are not bleeding from start to end.

So your female dog may be bleeding too long if you’ve crossed that threshold.

Sometimes, what we think is still the dog’s blood is just some discharge and that may very well stretch up to two weeks if you count the time when the very light red blood starts already.

Can A Dog Bleed Longer Than 10 Days?

Yes, dogs can bleed longer than 10 days, each individual is different. Call your vet if the bloody discharge is not slowing down after 14 days.

I’ve tracked a couple of my dog’s heat cycles and would you recommend you do the same.

Her bleeding usually lasts from 8-13 days starting with a progressively heavier flow and ending with lighter pink or watery discharge.

In the beginning and end stages of a female dog’s heat, they’re usually just dripping blood, but if your dog bleeds heavily for longer than 10 days, that may ring the alarm bells.

My Female Dog Is Bleeding Heavy

If your female dog is bleeding heavily, you should check if the bleeding stops with the end of the heat cycle and if it’s prolonged or the bleeding is extreme, consult a vet due to the risk of ovarian cysts and pyometra.

Ovarian cysts and pyometra are pretty serious medical conditions and require quick action.

Heavy blood flow during your dog’s heat is not usual, but it’s definitely possible.

You should be concerned if the previous heat cycles were nearly bloodless and now it looks like a massacre happened in your home.

A quick chat with your vet should clear things up.

But one question, in particular, bugged me in the past.

Why is my dog bleeding heavily during her heat?

There’s no known specific reason why your dog is bleeding heavily compared to other dogs and it differs from individual to individual.

I’d love to tell you it’s about breed, age, diet, or whatnot but there’s no known number one determinant in whether or not your female dog bleeds heavily or not.

How much does a dog bleed when in heat?

If you want to do some damage control, doggy diapers are probably the best way to go.

Also, a complete blood test might be money well spent to find out if your dog’s bleeding is actually related to something more serious.

A little side note: Spayed dogs don’t experience heat, so no bleeding at all should occur if that applies to your canine.

How long does a dog in heat bleed?