How much does a dog breeding Licence cost UK? Tips and Tricks

Licences & Costs Involved in Breeding

Keeping up to date with both the legal requirements and best practices is important if you want to approach dog breeding responsibly and ethically. Here’s the lowdown on what’s involved in obtaining a breeding license, and the wider financial cost of breeding dogs.

How much does a dog breeding Licence cost UK?

Do you need a licence to breed dogs?

The question of whether or not you need a license depends entirely on your long-term plans. For instance, if you’re planning on starting a business that breeds and sells dogs for commercial gain, then it’s important you obtain a licence. This is because in England, Scotland or Wales, you’re legally required to have a dog breeding licence if you breed and sell three or more litters in a year.

There are, however, some quirks in licencing laws depending on your breeding activity. For example, if you breed assistance dogs, or plan to keep all the pups from your litters, you may be exempt from getting a licence. You may also wonder if you’re classed as a breeder if you fall under HMRC’s £1,000 income threshold. Check with your local authority to be sure you’re falling in line with legal requirements.

How much does a dog breeding Licence cost UK?

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  • Do I need a licence?
  • If you breed and sell dogs as a business, either from home or from commercial premises, you must have a licence. We will call upon the services of an approved vet for new applications. New regulations have changed the requirements for licensing.

    Read page 2 for more information about when a licence is needed.

    Please visit the Canine and Feline Sector group for information on licence conditions.

    Before applying for any animal welfare licences you should discuss your business proposal with the Senior Animal Welfare Officer first. If your application is for a new or purpose-built premises, you’ll also need planning permission before your application can be considered.

    To apply in writing, complete the downloadable application form and return it to the address on the form. We aim to process applications within 25 days. Please contact us if we have not given you a decision after this time.

    Licence for breeding dogs.