How much does it cost to put your dog in a kennel? Find Out Here

How Much Does Dog Boarding Cost?

The cost to board a dog ranges, depending for the most part on where you are in the country and what services are included. Many boarding facilities offer group playtime during the day as well as other options you can add on like training, grooming, treats, and walks. You can expect to pay somewhere between $22 to upwards of $60 a night to board your dog, says Carmen Rustenbeck, CEO of International Boarding and Pet Services Association (IBPSA).

What’s Included in the Dog Boarding Fee?

Staff should at a minimum provide basic care that includes keeping enclosures clean, dog bowls filled with fresh water, and letting dogs outside several times a day to go potty. If your pup is on medication, the staff should give that to your dog as well. You can also expect the boarding facility to monitor your pets eating, peeing, and pooping. They should give you a report card of what occurred while you were away too.

If a concern comes up—say your pooch is feeling blue and refusing to eat—the staff should contact you. If they cant reach you, they should attempt to get in touch with a secondary emergency contact or the dogs veterinarian, Rustenbeck says.

How much does it cost to put your dog in a kennel?

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Can You Get A Discount For Multiple Dogs?

Yes, dog owners with multiple dogs often get a discount from dog boarding facilities. Discounted rates vary between 10% and 50% off for the additional dog you bring. You’re even more likely to get a discount if your dogs are small enough to share a crate or room. Some facilities also offer discounts if your dog would be staying for multiple nights.

How much does it cost to put your dog in a kennel?

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If you’re a pet parent, planning a vacation or trip is a bit more complicated. You have to take your pup with you or make arrangements for its care when you’re away. Dropping your dog off at a good boarding facility is a convenient arrangement to keep your beloved pup safe and happy when you’re away. However, pet parents considering this option often wonder how much dog boarding costs would be to determine what their options are and whether or not they can afford them.